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New Power Steering Rack and Pinion Assembly for Honda Accord 2008-2012 2.4L 3.5L For Sale - New and Used

New Power Steering Rack and Pinion Assembly for Honda Accord 2008-2012 2.4L 3.5L
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New Power Steering Rack and Pinion Assembly for Honda Accord 2008-2012 2.4L 3.5L:

Product Description New Power Steering Rack and Pinion Assembly for Honda Accord 2008-2012 2.4L 3.5L


Built to strict quality control standards 100% factory tested.

IATF16949 Approved.

High Performance:The steering rack solves abnormal noise and oil leakage problems, ensures that the steering wheel rotation angle is proportional to the tire rotation angle, and reduces the steering wheel's control force when turning, which makes driving safer.

2 in 1 Function:Conversion of the steering wheel's rotationalmotion into the linear motion needed for thevehicle's wheels to turn

Reduction of gears, which makes it easierfor the steering wheel to turn the wheels.

Premium Material:With the premium aluminum alloy and steel construction, this steering rack assembly has a great anti-rust and anti-corrosive quality for its long service life.

We put moderate lubricating oil into this assembly so that it can prevent rust and oxidation.

Humanized Design:Ensure a tight seal and smooth steering operation. The hydraulic lines are fully fluid tested at high pressure. And the steel clamps and rubber bellow boots improve steering efficiency.




Placement on Vehicle:Front

Input Shaft Diameter(IN):0.68

Input Shaft Length(IN):2.17

Pressure Port Thread Size:M18*1.5

Return Port Thread Size:M16*1.5

Number of Mounting Holes:2

Distance Between Mounting Holes (IN):4.88

Rack Length(IN):43.35


53601TA5A02, 53601TA6A02, 53601TE0A02, 53601TE1A02, 26-2746

Honda Accord 2008-2012 L4 2.4L with Hydraulic Power Steering

Honda Accord 2008-2012 V6 3.5L with Hydraulic Power Steering

Packag include:
1x Power Steering Rack and Pinion


1.Put the wheels in a straight-ahead position

2.Crack loose all the wheel lug nuts

3.Raise and support the vehicle with approved jack stands.

4.Remove both front wheels.

5.Remove the Steering Shaft Coupler Outer Seal and unbolt the upper pinch bolt on the Steering Shaft Coupler assembly

6.Detach the outer tie rod ends

7.Remove any parts required to gain access to the rack mounting bolts, lines and steering coupling.

8.Remove the power steering rack mounting bolts, or crack the power steering high pressure and return lines

9.Place a drain pan under the vehicle and remove the hydraulic power steering pressure hose and power steering return hose from the power steering rack

10.Twist and turn and jiggle it out through one of the wheel well openings

11.Reconnect the Steering Shaft Coupler assembly and bolt the rack back into place

12.Reattach the tie rod ends to the steering knuckles

13.Put the wheels back on and torque the lug nuts to specifications.

14.Remove the return line from the power steering pump and place the end into a bucket.

15.Fill the power steering pump and start the engine until clean fluid comes out of the return hose.

16.Have the front end aligned to reset the toe-in adjustment to specification or the vehicle will handle poorly and wear out the tire quickly.

17.Bleed the trapped air out of the system

(Professional installation is highly recommended)


Oil leakage: The oil seal in the steering gear can break due to aging and wear, resulting in loss or leakage of hydraulic oil. Oil leakage can cause difficulty or malfunction in steering operation.

Abnormal noise: A snap, noise, or hiss may be caused by worn steering gear, pin shaft, or rack.

Excessive steering force: Blockage or wear of the steering gear oil pipes or passages can cause excessive hydraulic oil pressure, excessive steering force, or even steering failure.

Steering failure: Steering failure can be caused by reasons such as damage to the steering gear, blockage in the oil circuit, and failure of the oil pump, which will affect driving safety.

Shake or shake: Worn or loose parts in the steering gear can easily cause the vehicle to shake or shake during steering.

Dead center: When turning, if the steering wheel needs to be rotated for a long time until the vehicle turns significantly, this may be a dead center problem with the steering gear.


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