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2004 Cadillac XLR Pictures, Specifications, Information

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specifications information

General Information
Vehicle Type: 2-door convertible, production car
Price: $75,435
Miles Per Gallon: 17/24 mpg
Configuration Front Engine/RWD
Engine: V8
Displacement: 4565 cc
Horsepower: 320 bhp @ 6400 rpm
Torque: 310 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Max RPM: 6700 rpm
Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic
Weight: 3645 lbs
Height: --.- in
Length: ---.- in
Width: --.- in
Wheelbase: --.- in
Track: f: --.- / r: --.- in
0-60 mph: 5.6 sec
0-100 mph: 13.3 sec
Quarter Mile: 14.0 sec @ 103 mph
Top Speed: 155 mph (limited)
Lateral Acceleration: .90g
Braking, 60-0 mph: 122 ft
Slalom Speed: --.- mph
Nürburgring Lap Time: --.- minutes
The bold new era of Cadillac continued with a new luxury roadster: XLR, unveiled at the 2002 North American International Auto Show. A two-seat, retractable hardtop convertible, the XLR brings a fresh perspective to the upper echelon of luxury roadsters.

XLR is a combination of unique style and technology. Based on the award-winning Evoq concept car, XLR will feature the first application of a higher output 4.6-liter Northstar engine in a rear-wheel-drive configuration. This new Cadillac was developed on the next generation of GM's highly acclaimed performance car architecture, designed specifically for convertibles.

"XLR is a luxury roadster with performance car roots," said David Hill, vehicle line executive for GM performance cars. "Underneath its striking exterior style, XLR has a patented performance car body structure that is ideal for a roadster and serves as a strong foundation for a car designed for great agility and bona fide luxury."

Image Credits: Cadillac

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