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Club Car DS Golf Cart 6\" A-Arm Lift Kit + 10\" Wheels and 22\" AT Tires 1982-2003 For Sale - New and Used

Club Car DS Golf Cart 6\

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Club Car DS Golf Cart 6\" A-Arm Lift Kit + 10\" Wheels and 22\" AT Tires 1982-2003:

Customers purchasing wheel/tire/lift kit combos should use the tracking number provided in and visit FedEx\'s website to see more detailed tracking. The combos ship in multiple packages and we are limited to uploading only one tracking number in .

Club Car DS golf cart Lift kit / 4 of tires and wheels combo

(Item is made forClub CarDSOLD modelcart only 1982-2003)

Tires and wheels specifications

STEELENG All-terrain tire. (Made by Wanda)




Tread Depth


Rim Width






Max Load(Lbs)@PSI









Tire details information is provided by Wanda manufacture.



Weight (lbs)



Offset (IN)

Bolt Pattern



Aluminum Alloy




Lift kitspecifications

Replaces stock front axle with doubleA-Arm design.

Made of powder coated black steel.

All high strength hardware included.

Takes an estimated 1-3 hours to install.

Bolt on kit with no any modification.

Color Printed step by step installation instructions.

A 6\" lift kit allows you to install up to a 23\" tire on your cart(Heavy duty rear springs are recommended if the cart is heavily weighted to prevent rubbing with 23\" tires).

Will work on gas and electric DS model carts (withSTEEL HUB COVERS).

Free factory warranty.

Thislift kit / tires and wheels combois compatible with:

Club CarDS(1982-2003) electric or gas cart only.

Combo Features:

Full set (2 front + 2 rear) for complete replacement.

Tires and wheels come mounted.

Item includes 4 \'SS\'Chrome center caps / 16 Chrome lug nuts.

This tires and wheels combo has 1 year factory warranty / lift kit has 4 year factory warranty, free replacement if any quality issue.

Item in-stock and ready to ship.

(Item will be wrapped and shipped by FedEx Ground to your home address)

We don’t ship to P.O BOX please provide physical shipping location if you purchase.

Any question please send us a message, we are here to help you on any question or issue.

Thanks for looking


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3. Ifyou have a YAMAHA GOLF CART, you will need METRIClug-nuts. We will not know you need metric unless you contact us. ****PLEASEREMIND US IF YOU NEED METRIC LUG-NUTS during checkout in the Buyer?sNotes or message us on . Otherwise, standard lug-nuts will be shipped. Itis an additional $15 charge for us to re-ship the metric lug-nutsto you.

4. Wework with FedEx and USPS to deliver our products. They have theirown polices and procedures of operation. The products being purchased aresubject to the policies of those merchants. Those policies regard, but are notlimited to, shipping delays, tracking number issues, tracking history updates,lost/stolen products, refunds, shipping rates, etc. **Please refer to theirwebsites for further information.**

5. Whentracking an order, typically provides one tracking number(master tracking number). You can go to, enter that tracking number,scroll down, and see the other tracking numbers for your order. Pleaserefer to this BEFORE contacting us about tracking. ****This applies to combo orderstoo.****

6. Combos doship out separately as all wheels/tires are mounted to order andaccessories are assembled separately. PLEASE ANTICIPATE YOUR ITEMSARRIVING AT DIFFERENT TIMES.

7. Weare not currently doing exchanges. For order and refund consistency, ifan incorrect product is ordered please us the returns module on orour website. If you are returning an entire combo order, please use thesame modules. ****If you are returning part of a combo order on ,please CONTACT US for assistance and do not use the returnsmodule, as you will have to return the entire order.****

8. Inorder to receive your FULL REFUND, please read this!!!! Ifyou are returning wheels/tires, please stack the first wheel/tire face down, thenadded a secured box/bag of lug-nuts, stack the next three wheels/tiresall facing up. If your order came with two boxes of wheel/tires,then please stack the wheels back-to-back with the lug-nut boxsecured in between. Loose lug-nuts risk damaging the wheels and damagedreturned products will not receive a full refund.

9. Ifyour order is outside of the contiguous 48 states of America, wewill be in contact regarding additional shipping cost.**Please note shipping cost is subject to change upon location and third-partyshipping rates.**

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