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2010 Techart 911_Turbo Pictures, Specifications, Information

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specifications information

General Information
Vehicle Type: 2-door coupe, modified car
Price: $---,---
Miles Per Gallon: --/-- mpg
Configuration Rear Engine/AWD
Engine: Twin-Turbo Flat-6
Displacement: 3800 cc
Horsepower: 500 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 480 lb-ft @ 1950 rpm
Max RPM: ---- rpm
Transmission: 7-Speed PDK
Weight: ---- lbs
Height: --.- in
Length: ---.- in
Width: --.- in
Wheelbase: --.- in
Track: f: --.- / r: --.- in
0-60 mph: 3.4 sec
0-100 mph: --.- sec
Quarter Mile: --.- sec @ --- mph
Top Speed: 194 mph
Lateral Acceleration: .--g
Braking, 60-0 mph: --- ft
Slalom Speed: --.- mph
Nürburgring Lap Time: --.- minutes
Since 1974, this vehicle has been making the hearts of true sports car fans beat faster: the Porsche 911 Turbo – a masterpiece made of the finest materials and a symbol of top engineering and design. An almost-perfect sports car. Almost, because individuality and personality are essential elements in achieving perfection. TECHART automobile design stands for the creation of individual masterpieces for sports car enthusiasts looking to give their vehicle a touch of individual flair. The result is the TECHART personalization program for the new 911 Turbo and 911 Turbo S models consisting of a new aerodynamic package, light metal wheels, and exquisite interiors will be presented in early March at the 80th international Motor-Show in Geneva, Switzerland.

Absolute performance – no compromises

The new Aerodynamic Kit I emphasizes the Turbo's inner strengths without being excessive or overloaded. The sturdy RIM polyurethane exterior reduces aerodynamic lift on both axles, allowing smoother handling capability at extreme speeds. One striking feature is the front spoiler, with its dynamically-accented air intake valves and seamless integration. As your eyes pass to the side of the vehicle, you notice the airflow-optimizing side sills, which are stretched to make the vehicle seem to sit lower. A small roof spoiler on the Coupe elongates the visual appearance of the roof line. The spoiler profile can generate additional downforce with the extensible rear spoiler. Rounding off the modified back end is the diffuser, which extends the standard skirt downwards. Personalized mirror moldings add yet another sporty accent and enhance the unique TECHART appearance.

The same applies to the TECHART Aerodynamic Kit II. Independent front and rear spoilers optimize mass air flow for improved ventilation of the braking and intercooler systems. TECHART's multifunctional daytime running lights are available for the front spoiler II. It combines daytime running lights, position illumination, sidelights, parking lights, and turn signals in a combined housing that fits seamlessly into the design of the vehicle front. The display brightness of the daytime running lights automatically adjusts to the selected daytime lighting setting. Furthermore, the daytime running lights dim automatically when either of the turning signals is active, in order to improve their visibility.

The high performance look and unmistakable TECHART design are also reflected in the wheel enhancements. Connecting the powerful torque of up to 700 Nm securely to the asphalt are the TECHART Formula light metal wheels, with their modern 5-spoke design. The product range includes TECHART Formula, Formula II, or filigree Formula III alloy-forged wheels in up to 20-inch formats. This classic form guarantees efficient heat diffusion and displays the braking system. For optimum road grip, TECHART recommends Conti Sport Contact 3 or tires of the brand Michelin Pilot Sport PS2.

In addition, TECHART's Noselift System is also available for the new 911 Turbo. This makes problems with everyday obstacles a thing of the past for this vehicle. At the push of a button, ca. 60 mm of additional space can be created between the road and the front spoiler by lifting the vehicle height on the front axle. The hydraulic TECHART Noselift System is very reliable, easy to retrofit, and exhibits the everyday applicability you expect from TECHART.

Elegant TECHART interior designs

TECHART's interiors for the new models are unmistakable: clear yet elegant, sporty yet comfortable, the cockpit, seats, doors, and roof make for a luxurious experience. These sporty enhancements please all the senses – smell and touch included. For instance, the interior could be completely outfitted with the finest leather. The TECHART 3-spoke sporty steering wheel, aluminum pedals, dials in individual colors, or stainless steel entry strips embossed with the TECHART logo are all installableoptions. For exteriors and interiors, TECHART knows how to engage the emotions – and please the senses.

Image Credits: Techart

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