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2005 Mercedes-Benz C 55 AMG Pictures, Specifications, Information

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specifications information

General Information
Vehicle Type: 4-door sedan, production car
Price: $---,---
Miles Per Gallon: --/-- mpg
Configuration Front Engine/RWD
Engine: Supercharged V8
Displacement: 5439 cc
Horsepower: 367 bhp @ 5750 rpm
Torque: 376 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Max RPM: 6700 rpm
Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic
Weight: ---- lbs
Height: --.- in
Length: ---.- in
Width: --.- in
Wheelbase: --.- in
Track: f: --.- / r: --.- in
0-60 mph: 5.1 sec
0-100 mph: --.- sec
Quarter Mile: --.- sec @ --- mph
Top Speed: 155 mph (limited)
Lateral Acceleration: .--g
Braking, 60-0 mph: --- ft
Slalom Speed: --.- mph
Nürburgring Lap Time: --.- minutes

Superior performance and torque as well as high technology straight from the race track — the large-displacement eight-cylinder power package in the new C 55 AMG is sure to thrill auto lovers the world over. The AMG V8 with 5,439 cc displacement provides 270 kW/367 hp at 5,750 rpm and develops a maximum torque of 510 Nm at 4,000 rpm. No other vehicle in this competitive segment produces such impressive figures. At about 2,000 rpm, the AMG high-performance engine can already deliver more than 400 Nm of torque, creating ideal conditions for dynamic acceleration and elasticity. But there is something more at work here than the kick delivered by the high engine speeds and the responsiveness to even the slightest movement of the gas pedal. It is the enormous torque of the high-displacement, naturally aspirated engine. Thanks to the enormous reserves of power, casual cruising in the upper gears becomes a sheer pleasure and enhances the new C 55 AMG’s special allure.

Engine design benefits from more than three decades of AMG motor racing

The eight-cylinder engine equipped with three-valve technology and a twin-ignition system is loaded with high technology straight from the race track. In designing the engine, the engineers at Mercedes-AMG GmbH were able to call on the deep knowledge gained over more than three decades of motor racing. Cast pistons made of aluminium are used in the cylinders. Specially developed oil-gun jets keep the pistons cooled even during peak stress. “Hand-crafted” camshafts, a newly developed double-flow induction-pressure unit and a specially tuned variable induction pipe ensure that the cylinders are optimally filled at all engine speeds and create the technical basis for the engine’s sporty character.

Newly developed AMG sport exhaust system with low emission levels

The totally redesigned exhaust system equipped with wider pipes and modified mufflers reduces the exhaust back pressure and promotes higher power and torque levels. Four ceramic catalytic converters teamed up with secondary air injection and AMG’s specially tuned engine management system ensure highly effective emission control. None of the emission limits in effect around the world pose any problem for the C 55 AMG. It even meets the EU4 exhaust standard scheduled to take effect in 2005. The AMG sport exhaust system with its two oval chrome-plated twin tailpipes serves as more than an eye-catcher at the back of the vehicle. Its unmistakable V8 sound also expresses the dynamic character of the new AMG V8 top model in the C-Class. The state-of-the-art light-weight AMG engine weighs only 172 kilograms in a dry state. The weight distribution is almost completely even, which helps vehicle handling.

The AMG eight-cylinder engine is produced at AMG’s engine facility. In accordance with the philosophy of “one man, one engine”, an AMG technician puts together the complete engine by hand. As a result, he is responsible for everything from the installation of the crankshaft in the engine block to the assembly of the camshaft and the cables and oil fill-up. Once the engine is finished, the technician signs the engine tag to clearly show who is responsible for the product. The engine is then tested with simulated loads and pressure build-up at the so-called cold test bed.

Power Transfer

As standard equipment, the C 55 AMG has AMG SPEEDSHIFT, a five-speed automatic transmission responsible for delivering power to the rear axle. This system can accommodate both a dynamic as well as a comfortable style of driving. Drivers can decide for themselves whether the gears are to be shifted manually or automatically. They can choose between the transmission selector lever of the touch control or (in a manner similar to Formula 1 vehicles) two shifting buttons on the ergonomic AMG sport steering wheel.

With the manual “M” programme, the driver can take particularly good advantage of the AMG V8 engine’s high torque because automatic downshifting is eliminated during full throttle or kickdown. The transmission remains in the selected gear. In addition, the AMG SPEEDSHIFT’s manual drive programme doesn’t have any automatic upshift function when the rpm limit is reached. This enables the sporty driver to better use the C 55 AMG’s performance potential. In all three driving programmes, the gears can be shifted manually by using the buttons on the steering wheel or the selector lever. As a result, AMG SPEEDSHIFT offers more individual possibilities while also making operation easier and increasing safety.

Direct driving experience through torque converter lockup starting at first gear

In “C” (comfort) mode, the automatic transmission shifts gears in a particularly gentle and smooth way. The downshifting takes places later, and the shifting of the next highest gear is initiated as early as possible. In “S” (standard) mode, the automatic transmission gears down earlier to ensure more dynamic handling. The engine always runs at higher speeds.

AMG SPEEDSHIFT also features active brake downshifting, optimal gear functioning and the torque converter lockup starting in first gear. These provide a very direct driving experience when teamed up with gear changes that are more responsive and up to 35 percent faster.

Strengthened drive train and additional rear-axle cooling

The high performance and torque potential of the AMG eight-cylinder engine requires a strengthened drive train. To ensure the best in stability and Mercedes’ typical durability, the engineers at Mercedes-AMG used large components. In addition, the cooling element on the rear-axle differential lowers the oil temperature by up to 15 degrees Celsius when the car is travelling at top speed or is under very dynamic stress. Chassis/Braking

More fun behind the wheel and improved dynamic handling without any major sacrifice of comfort — these were the goals laid down for the chassis development of the new C 55 AMG. The responsible engineers and technicians at Mercedes-AMG GmbH focused on three areas in their developmental work: chassis tuning, dynamicdrive control system and wheel-tyre combinations. All components and systems had to be adapted to the new V8 engine in order to achieve extra sportiness.

The new AMG sport chassis makes a significant contribution to boosting the dynamic handling. Springs with a 20-percent higher rigidity, harder gas shock absorbers with degressive characteristics and a bigger stabilizer on the rear axle (only in the C 55 AMG estate) not only make the most of out of the road but also reduce the body roll that happens when a car drives rapidly through a curve and the roll angle in alternating curves. The elastokinematics were reworked on both axles: Both the tension strut on the McPherson three-link front axle and the spring suspension link of the multi-link independent rear suspension are harder. As a result, driving through curves becomes much more precise. The noticeable gains in steering precision and spontaneity have been achieved without any noticeable loss in suspension comfort.

Dynamic-handling control systems comprehensively overhauled

All of the dynamic-handling control systems, such as the ABS anti-lock braking system, the braking assistant, the ASR acceleration skid control system, and the ESP® Electronic Stability Program, were reworked and modified in comprehensive calculations and test drives. For example, the acceleration skid control system now has a traction function when the ESP® is shut off. When a car enters a curve at high speed, the system determines when the back tyre on the inside part of the curve starts to slip and can brake it to a precisely calculated degree. The effect that is created corresponds to that of a mechanical locking differential and promotes the traction of the driven wheels. Even when shut off, the ESP® recognizes a potentially unstable driving situation, for example when the driver suddenly applies the brakes. Within milliseconds, the ESP is completely available again. A potential accident can thus be prevented. What’s more, the control processes in all operating conditions have been made more harmonious.

Steering ratio now seven percent more direct

Just like all of the variants of the new generation C-Class, the C 55 AMG also profits from the modified power steering system. The steering ratio is now seven percent more direct, thus improving the vehicle’s handling and steering precision. These improvements deliver a major dose of behind-the-wheel fun to sporty drivers in particular.

The new 18-inch AMG light-alloy, double-spoke wheels being used as standard equipment for the first time in the C-Class create a spontaneous, dynamic form of handling. The front axle has tyres in the 225/40 ZR 18 format on 7.5-inch-wide rims. On the back the dimensions are 245/35 ZR 18 on 8.5-inch-wide rims. The track of the front axle has been expanded by 14 millimetres, improving driving stability and steering behaviour.

The robust AMG high-performance braking system guarantees a high degree of driving safety. Large, inner-ventilated disc brakes on the front and rear axles — the front discs are also perforated — enable first-class braking deceleration. When the brakes are fully applied at 100 km/h, the C 55 AMG comes to a halt in fewer than 36 metres.


The new C 55 AMG stands out from the successful models of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class through its dynamic, individual look as well as its exclusive interior equipment package.

One eye-catching feature is the new design of the front end: Because of the new packaging dimensions created by the AMG 5.5-litre eight-cylinder engine, the front-end module had to be extended by 80 millimetres. The change additionally lengthens the lines of the V8 top model. The radiator grille and the headlights were redesigned along with the front apron and the wider fenders.

The expressive, harmoniously integrated AMG style comes as standard. This includes the new, steeply lowered front apron with large air intakes and round, clear-glass fog lights, the side-skirt cover and the rear apron. The trailing edge on the bonnet cover (saloon model only) reduces the lift by up to 30 percent and noticeably improves driving stability at high speeds. The view from the rear is dominated by the twin pairs of double chrome tailpipes that are part of the new AMG sport exhaust system. Their unmistakable V8 sound lends an additional dynamic element to the new AMG top model. The new brilliant-look tail lamps and clear-glass indicators set in the exterior mirrors are also attention-grabbing.

Two different 18-inch AMG light-alloy wheels available

The attractive 18-inch double-spoke wheels also serve as a key element in the vehicle’s appealing look. The sterling silver AMG light-alloy rims come in two widths: 7.5 inches on the front axle and 8.5 inches on the rear axle. The wide-profile tyres also come in two sizes: 225/45 R 18 and 245/35 R 18. The car also has optional five-spoke light-alloy wheels that come in the same sizes.

The dynamic character of the C 55 AMG is enhanced by the new, upgraded interior design. Particularly when the car speeds through a curve, the passengers will benefit from the completely new AMG sport seats. Optimal lateral support is provided not only by the reshaped seat cushions and backs but also by the Alcantara inserts in the shoulder area. These are located on the left and right sides of the front sport seats. Each of the outer seats on the rear row has one Alcantara insert as well. The AMG sport seats are also perfectly suited for long journeys thanks to the electronic height and back adjustment system for the seats, independent seat design and leather perforation, and the AMG emblem on the backs. The exclusive style of the eight-cylinder top model is also reflected in the high-quality nappa leather, which comes in anthracite or alpaca grey and is used on the seats, selector lever and the mid-section of the doors, including the arm rests.

New instrument cluster and sport steering wheel from Mercedes-AMG

The instrument panel stands for uncompromising sportiness. The new AMG instrument cluster with its four classic round gauges shows the great attention to detail that went into the car. It has a series of chrome-trimmed instruments with silver centres, a 320-km/h speedometer, red needles and “V8” and “AMG” emblems. The new AMG sport steering wheel is a pleasure to see and touch. The handling profits from the steering-wheel rim and the moulded thumb supports. Two gear-shift buttons are installed on the rear of the three-spoke steering wheel. The multi-function buttons that operate the radio and central display are located in the two horizontal spokes.

The interior of the C 55 AMG is outfitted with ornamentation in Alu Linea as standard. Dark birdseye maple is available as an additional option. Brushed stainless-steel door tread panels featuring the AMG logo round out the stylish, dynamic interior.

The C 55 AMG has also profited from the new generation of the C-Class model series. Plastics with new types of grains, attractive uses of chrome and glossy edges on the door trim panels intensify the elegant impression made on passengers.

Image Credits: Mercedes-Benz

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