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2003 Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT Pictures, Specifications, Information

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specifications information

General Information
Vehicle Type: 2-door coupe, race car
Price: $557,000
Miles Per Gallon: --/-- mpg
Configuration Mid Engine/RWD
Engine: V12
Displacement: 5992 cc
Horsepower: --- bhp @ ---- rpm
Torque: --- lb-ft @ ---- rpm
Max RPM: ---- rpm
Transmission: 6-Speed Sequential
Weight: 2420 lbs
Height: --.- in
Length: ---.- in
Width: --.- in
Wheelbase: --.- in
Track: f: --.- / r: --.- in
0-60 mph: -.- sec
0-100 mph: --.- sec
Quarter Mile: --.- sec @ --- mph
Top Speed: --- mph
Lateral Acceleration: .--g
Braking, 60-0 mph: --- ft
Slalom Speed: --.- mph
Nürburgring Lap Time: --.- minutes
At the 2003 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, Lamborghini unveiled the Murciélago R-GT, a new race car derived from its acclaimed super sports car, the Lamborghini Murciélago. The Murciélago R-GT, developed jointly with renowned race engineering company Reiter Engineering in Germany, and parent company Audi’s sports division Audi Sport, offers Lamborghini clients a highly competitive car with which to participate in global professional motorsport.

Built to the specification of FIA and ACO regulations, the R-GT is equipped with a Lamborghini air restricted 6 litre V12 engine, developing a highly competitive power output. The drive train, converted from the Murciélago permanent 4WD to RWD, as per the FIA/ACO regulations, will sport a sequential gearbox. The total weight will be contained within the relevant class specification of 1100 kg.

The Murciélago R-GT has been developed by the ‘House of the raging bull’, as a result of increasing customer demand for a high-specification Lamborghini race car at a competitive price. The R-GT will be supported by the Lamborghini Customer Sports Programme that takes care not only of race car sales but will also offer trackside assistance.

The Murciélago R-GT will be eligible for entry in national and international race events such as the European FIA GT Championship and the American Le Mans Series, competing in the GT category of these two major championships. Vehicles for customers will be available by 2004 at a selling price below 500.000 Euro.

Following the official launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Reiter Engineering will undertake a test and development programme, entering a Murciélago R-GT in the FIA GT races at Estoril, 5 October and at Monza on October 19, 2003. Reiter Engineering plans to shakedown the first car in late September and undertake a test session prior to the Estoril race weekend. For this test and race programme, the car will be driven by professional drivers Peter Kox and Oliver Gavin.

Dr. Werner Mischke, Chairman and President of Automobili Lamborghini, said of the Murciélago launch, “There is already substantial demand for the Murciélago R-GT, from motorsport teams and drivers alike: we anticipate this new race car becoming one of the special attractions in GT motorsport. The presence of this new racing Lamborghini at international sports car events will be a perfect opportunity to showcase the competitive and performance advantages of the Murciélago.”

Image Credits: Lamborghini

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