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2001 Chevrolet Corvette Pictures, Specifications, Information

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specifications information

General Information
Vehicle Type: 2-door coupe, production car
Price: $38,000 (2001)
Miles Per Gallon: 18/28 mpg
Configuration Front Engine/RWD
Engine: V8
Displacement: 5665 cc
Horsepower: 350 bhp @ 5600 rpm
Torque: 375 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm
Max RPM: 6000 rpm
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Weight: 3120 lbs
Height: --.- in
Length: ---.- in
Width: --.- in
Wheelbase: --.- in
Track: f: --.- / r: --.- in
0-60 mph: 4.8 sec
0-100 mph: 11.7 sec
Quarter Mile: 13.6 sec @ 107 mph
Top Speed: 175 mph
Lateral Acceleration: .91g
Braking, 60-0 mph: 125 ft
Slalom Speed: --.- mph
Nürburgring Lap Time: --.- minutes
For 2001, Corvette coupe and convertible models got a healthy injection of power, especially at lower speeds where it is most noticeable. They also got more agility, with the enhanced Second-Generation Active Handling system - a system that became standard on all Corvettes.

In the area of refinement, Corvette buyers will appreciate better noise isolation, better idle quality and many other changes made to improve the overall ownership experience - and 2001 Corvettes even offer reduced maintenance costs and better fuel economy.

Image Credits: Chevrolet

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