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VCMuzzler II to Disable / Muzzle VCM Honda Odyssey VCM Muzzler delete 2 For Sale - New and Used

VCMuzzler II to Disable / Muzzle VCM Honda Odyssey VCM Muzzler delete 2
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VCMuzzler II to Disable / Muzzle VCM Honda Odyssey VCM Muzzler delete 2:

üFREE 2-3 Day Delivery (Not Weeks from InternationalSuppliers)

üUSCustomer Support üUSReturns and Repairs üHandCrafted in the USA

üNo International Shipping Charges for Returns or Repair

üThis is the only device that offers a Return to Factory Mode By-pass Plug

It's easy to switch back tofactory mode

üLonger warranty than comparative models -(check our separate listing for a LIFETIME WARRANTY)

The VCM Eliminatoris a cost effective method that can save youcostly engine repairs to your Acura or Honda with select 3.5-liter V6 with VariableCylinder Management (VCM)equipped vehicles. The VCM Eliminator canimproveengine performance, engine vibration, possible motor mount failureand excessive oil consumption.

TheVCM Eliminatorworks on the following models of the 3.5-liter V6 with Variable Cylinder Management (VCM)

Honda* Acura*

Odyssey 2005thru 2023 RLX 2014thru 2020

Pilot2006-2008 (2 Wheel DriveModels Only) MDX2014thru 2022

Pilot2009thru 2023 (All Models) TLX 2015thru 2020

Crosstour2010thru 2017 RDX 2013thru 2018

Ridgeline 2017 thru 2021

Accord 2008 thru 2017 Automatic Transmission Only

Passport 2019 thru 2021

* Note that not all trim levels and models offer VCM


Please Select the Model Yearof your VehicleFIRST,then the Model Type and theShort / Long Pigtail. Pigtail choice is a matter of preference - if you'd like to have more slack, order the long - but short is adequate for all models.


ü üHelpsPrevent Spark Plug Misfire, Fouling, and Premature Failure

ü üHelpsEliminate Unwanted Engine Vibrations Due to the VCM Engaging

ü ü KeepsYour Car Firing on All 6 Cylinders for Increased Power

ü It does not permanently alter the original wiring harness



ü ü 5Resistor Plugs (included) that allow you to easily change the level of VCM Suppression

ü ü Added By-pass Plug* (Returns your Vehicle back to factory modewithout removing the device)*Unique ONLY to the VCM Eliminator

ü ü Hand Crafted with Pride in the USA. Shipped directly to you from the USA and gets to most locations in 2 days.

ü ü Resistor Connector Plugs have aconfiguration Unique only to the VCM Eliminator(this insures you install it in the correct location)

ü ü No moving parts to break


ü Automotive Grade components with all OEM type sealedconnections

ü ü Automotivegrade resistors with color coded doubleheat shrink coatingUnique only to the VCM Eliminator

ü ü All connections are mechanically crimpedand additionally soldered for extra durabilityUnique only to theVCM Eliminator

ü ü Each VCM Eliminator is tested prior to shipping

ü Individually handmade and inspected inthe USA

ü No worry 30 day Money BackGuaranty


ü VCM Eliminator harness that plugs in line withOEM wiring harness, no cutting, splicing or modifications to OEM equipment. Allconnections are fully sealed automotive connectors

ü Five different resistorconnectors to account for variations in vehicle cooling systems and warmer andcolder climates. Changing the configuration is as simple as plugging andunplugging a connector

ü A By-pass Plugis also included. Thisallows you to disconnect the VCM Eliminator from your car without removing the whole device

ü Detailed and illustratedinstallation manual

ü Trouble shooting guide

ü FAQ sheet

Device Option

We offer a 7 inch extended VCM Eliminator at no additional cost. This extended pigtail will make iteasier to swap out the different valued resistor plugs or the By-pass plug. (see photo) Select this Option above. Extended pigtailUnique only to theVCM Eliminator



This warranty covers any manufacture defects to the VCM Eliminator. The warranty is only provided to theproduct purchased against defects in materials or workmanship for 60 days fromdate of purchase.


Repair or replace defective part(s). You mustpay the shipping costs to return the item to us. We will cover the return shipping back to you.

Does Not Cover:

Any problem that is caused by abuse or misuse is notcovered. Also, consequential andincidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty. Any damages or lossof warranty to your vehicle is also not covered.


Send us an email describing the problem within thewarranty period to request authorization. Once authorization has been received,we will email you the address for return of the item. Send it postagepaid. If under warranty, we will repairor replace the device and ship it back to you at no additional cost.


This product is designed as a diagnostic tool. Thepurchaserand user assumes all risk ofinstallationand use of theVCM Eliminator. IT WORKS 170 LLC , its owners and assigns shall not be held liable for any loss of any kind and onlyguaranteesa refund of thepurchaseprice.

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