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Turbo Turbocharger GT1749V GT17 VNT For VW Beetle Golf Jetta ALH 1.9TDI 98-04 For Sale - New and Used

Turbo Turbocharger GT1749V GT17 VNT For VW Beetle Golf Jetta ALH 1.9TDI 98-04

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Turbo Turbocharger GT1749V GT17 VNT For VW Beetle Golf Jetta ALH 1.9TDI 98-04:

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Products FAQ About us Shipping Return & Warranty response Turbo Turbocharger GT1749V GT17 VNT For VW Beetle Golf Jetta ALH 1.9TDI 98-04 Key Features

- OEM specs coincidence to ensure the perfect fitment to the related parts

- Material qualification for durable and reliable use

- Multi-Discipline tests, like balance, housing durability, wheel load limits, sealing, etc. are carried to enhance the quality of every unit

- Accuracy producing on all procedures to reduce possible metallic contacts under different condition

- Large range of turbochargers for easily locate the turbo with the target horse power and size you need from us

- Quality fully guaranteed and professional installation highly recommended



Note: Any Free Shipping Promotion is Valid to the 48 contiguous states. for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam,Virgin Islands and Samoa, extra shipping fee will be charged.

Model: GT1749V

Part Number:
713673-0001, 713673-5005S, 713673-0002
713673-5006S, 713673-0003, 454232-0002
713673-0004, 454232-0006, 713673-0005
454232-5011S , 713673-0006

038253019D, 03G253014E, 038253019DX 
6M219G438AA, 038253019DV, YM219G438BA
038253019N, 1135819, 038253019NX 
1556571, 038253019NV


for Audi  A3 1.9TDI 115HP/ 85KW  AUY / AJM  2000 - 2003
for Ford Galaxy 1.9TDi 115HP/ 85KW AUY / AJM 2000 - 2006
for Seat Alhambra 1.9TDI 115HP / 85KW AUY / AJM 2000 -
for Seat Leon 1.9TDI 115HP / 85KW AUY / AJM 2000 - 2005
for Skoda Octavia  1.9TDI  115HP / 85KW AUY / AJM 2000 - 2007
for Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI 110HP / 81KW ASV 2000 - 2007
for VW Bora  1.9TDI  101HP / 74KW ATD / ASV 2000 - 2005
for VW Bora  1.9TDI  110HP / 81KW ASV  2000 - 2005
for VW Golf IV  1.9TDI  115HP / 85KW AUY / AJM 1999 - 03
for VW Sharan  1.9TDI  115HP/ 85KW AUY / AJM 2000 -

Warranty: 2 Years
Condition: 100% Brand New
Bearing Type: Journal Bearing
Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above

* Please confirm your old turbo part number matches up with one of the part numbers above
* Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)
* For any needs please contact us

Images Turbo Turbocharger GT1749V GT17 VNT For VW Beetle Golf Jetta ALH 1.9TDI 98-04

Turbo Turbocharger GT1749V GT17 VNT For VW Beetle Golf Jetta ALH 1.9TDI 98-04

  • Installation/Fitting Tips
    1. 1. Why turbos fail? – Diagnosis

      Investigate cause of original turbo failure before fitting replacement
      Most turbo failures are due to – Oil Starvation/Contamination, Electronics sensors, Air leaks over speeding turbo, or foreign matter entering compressor housing. Breather problems.

    2. 2. Rectify Malfunction

      Upon completion of diagnosis and conclusion of malfunction or component failure, either you must rectify the malfunction or replace the failed components with new components. Check for foreign particles. All BEFORE you fit the new turbo.

    3. 3. Replace Components

      Before fitting your new Turbo, you must Replace Components listed below
      • OIL FEED PIPE (from engine to top of turbo), replace banjo bolts and oil drain
      • Replace Turbo oil drain hose (check clear / check no damage to pipe)
      • NEW OIL PUMP
      • Oil and oil filter (correct grade as per manufacturers recommendation)
      • Air filter
      • Gaskets and washers, O rings
      • Diesel Particulate Filter liquid level sensor topped up with fluid level

    4. 4. Clean or Replace

      • Diesel Injectors – Clean, Test, Replace
      • Air box and air intake hose to turbo (Pressure Test)
      • Oil cooler/ intercooler/ hose, from turbo to intercooler (damage or air leak). Get Pressure Tested
      • E.G.R VALVE – Check correct operation, clean or replace if necessary
      • Breather system, cam cover (rocker cover) – check for blockage
      • Clean Inlet/exhaust manifolds, check for carbon deposits/cracks/clean head faces/replace gaskets
      • Ensure the exhaust and/or catalytic converter/diesel particulate filter (DPF) are not fully or partly blocked
      • Before fitting Turbo – check no debris enters turbo, check all gaskets fit with gas tight seal
      • Flush Engine

    5. 5. Fit and Test Turbo

      • Check OIL PRESSURE is within manufacturers Tolerances
      • Start engine and allow to idle for 3-5 mins before driving (do not let engine idle unnecessarily)
      • Check for Oil/Gasket/Air Leaks, All OBVIOUS locations on engine
      • Plug into diagnostic machine to check for any fault codes (rectify or repair as per diagnosis, before road test).

      A professional mechanic or turbo tuning shop is only recommended for the turbo fitting job of your car. The external influence on the failure of the turbo is not included in the warranty. And only with the turbo properly fitted, you will have your car return to the road earlier.
  • Troubles shooting
  • Turbochargers are very reliable: only 1% of turbo failures are due to bad manufacturing or manufacturing errors and therefore problems relating to the engine are far more common causes for turbo failures. Before removing your turbocharger from the vehicle, please check try one of these recommended remedies

    1. 1. Engine Lacks Power
      • • Worn internal engine components
      • • Low Boost
      • • Air filter/pipe blocked
      • • Air pipe leaking from filter to turbo
    2. 2. Turbo Noisy
      • • Air leak – exhaust gases leaking from manifold or pipes
      • • Air filter/pipe blocked
      • • Air pipe leaking from filter to turbo
    3. 3. Exhaust Smoke
      • • Check intercooler
      • • Check head gasket
      • • Check turbo internal components
      • • Insufficient oil supply to turbocharger
      • • Actuator arm stuck in overboost
    4. 4. Boost pressure too high
      • • Boost pressure control valve is closed- Hoses split or incorrectly fitted
      • • Check fuel system
      • • Wastegate activator diaphragm split or incorrectly fitted
      • • Check fuel system
    5. 5. Excessive Engine Oil Consumption
      • • Fuel system defective
      • • Replace or adjust faulty components
      • • Check Air pipe from turbo to inlet manifold
      • • Check hoses and intercooler for leaks and replace
      • • Incorrect operation of crankcase breather system
      • • Check breather hoses, pipes and one way valves breather system

    More often than not a defective turbocharger is the consequence of some other primary engine defect which cannot be cured just by replacing the turbocharger. Before you fit a new turbo, find out what caused the first unit to fail or you risk the replacement failing too.

About us Shipping Please be noticed that in the following situations, we are not responsible for any loss caused. 1.Customer/ Consumers signed the package without any checking. Consumers should check the item(s) status in person with the carriers to confirm if it/they is/are in good condition when item (s) delivered to requested place. Customer/ Consumers could refuse to sign the package immediately if packages are damage or missing parts on the spot. We consider that customer/consumer has granted the quantity, appearance, packing and quality of the goods when signed on the spot. We do not accept the return or exchange request if customer/consumer report damage or not enough quantity after package been signed. Neither does the other compensation for this reason. 2.We don’t provide fitting service. Customers must ask qualified mechanics to install our products and any modification on the products are not allowed. Otherwise, customers are responsible for all loss. 3.We will not charge any customs fee or tax in advance. Customers must know about their own countries’ duty policy before buy products from other countries. If there is any tax fee occurred, customers are responsible to pay the fee. Otherwise, customers are responsible for all loss caused by item destroyed, or returned to sender. 4.There is no problem to return products in terms of unopened, complete, unused. Otherwise, we have the right to refuse the return. 5.All the warranty only covers manufacturing defect. Any issue caused by physical damage, incorrect installation and usage, modification, negligence, etc will be out of warranty. Other items you might also like
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