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SUZUKI SV650s 99-06 JT & DID 525VX 15/44 Chain and Sprocket Kit OEM, QA or Fwy For Sale - New and Used

SUZUKI SV650s 99-06 JT & DID 525VX 15/44 Chain and Sprocket Kit  OEM, QA or Fwy

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SUZUKI SV650s 99-06 JT & DID 525VX 15/44 Chain and Sprocket Kit OEM, QA or Fwy:

SV650s 1999-2006Suzuki SV650 S X/Y/K1/K2/K3/K4/K5/K6(not ABS model)
OEM 525x15 ft. JT SteelOEM 525x44 rr. JT SteelOEM 525x108L DID X-Ring Chain (includes rivet type master link)
Product Details:

Kit Type: 525 Performance KitChain Specifications:

  • Greater rigidity (7% higher than previous VM)
  • Higher rigidity creates smoother handling, reduced power loss and quicker response
  • Highest value in all D.I.D series
  • D.I.D X-Ring has half the friction compared to O-Ring chain
  • Superior longer life than previous VM series
  • Replaces the Professional O-Ring V Series and the Premium X-Ring VM Series
  • Brand: DID
  • Chain Pitch: 525
  • Chain Length: 108
  • Chain Type: Sealed
  • Seal Type (if sealed chain): X-ring
  • Tensile Strength (lbs): 9220
  • Displacement (up to cc): 1000
  • Color: Natural
  • Master Link (included): Rivet
  • Weight (lbs per 100 links): 4.27
  • Wear Index: 3800
  • Made in: JapanSprockets Specifications:
  • JT combines leading-edge technology with top materials to produce the ultimate quality sprocket range with unbeatable value
  • Sprockets are heat-treated and bead-blasted to reduce material surface tension
  • Front Sprocket (teeth): 15
  • Rear Sprocket (teeth): 44
  • Rear Sprocket Material: Steel
  • Rear Sprocket Color: Silver




    (SPECIFICALLY THE ENGINE CASES WHEN THE CHAIN style="font-size: small;">

    Suzuki SV650s 1999-2006Suzuki SV650 S X/Y/K1/K2/K3/K4/K5/K6

    Premium DID Performance Chain & Sprocket Kit

    *OEM Gearing 15/44t -or- Quick Acceleration 14/44t -or- Freeway Commuter Gearing 16/44t

    *Included in this kit unless otherwise specified:OEM525 gearing sizes as follows..

    (scm420 chromoly Japan steel alloy , c49 high carbon steel)

    525 x 108 DIDX-Ring drive chain.

    NO"Made in China" inferior components in this KIT!!!

    On Sale NOW, with..*FREE SHIPPING!!


    Also available inoptional gear ratios...atno extra charge.

    CallRPEto special order(562)695-9626

    Chain & sprocketsare sentOEM size withSILVER DIDchainwith aRIVETtype master link.
    Please specify in"ADD MESSAGE"tab during checkoutif optional gearing is ACCELERATION 14/44tgear ratio (quicker off the line, quicker roll on's, easier wheelies), Request a 14t front sprocket during checkout in the "Add Message" tab. (the -1t front sprocket change is versatile because you can change back to the stock size15t with same chain)
    For FREEWAY GEARING 16/44tFASTERTOP SPEED,and LOWER HIGHWAY CRUISING RPM's, Request a 16t front and a44t rear sprocket during checkout in the "Add Message" tab. (the +1t front sprocket change is versatile because you can change back to the stock size15t with same chain)
    * A 1 tooth change in the front is equivalent to a 3 tooth change in the rear.. but opposite effects.EXAMPLE: (-1 tooth front = +3 teeth rear) or (+1 tooth front = -3 teeth rear)EXAMPLE: (-1 tooth frontand+1 tooth rearcombinedis the same as +4 rear only without changing the front)
    Original Factory Supplied OEM 15/44tsize sprockets are the calculated"Happy Medium"of off the line acceleration, roll on's, and reasonable rpm's at high speed riding, with the least amount of compromise on either top end or low end acceleration. Exact oem ratio 15/44t is theDEFAULTfor this listing unless otherwise specified.

    Ft. Sprocket also available in 525 x 15 ,16 or 17 teeth

    Rr. Sprocket also available in 525 x 44, 45 teeth

    **Extended length chains in150L +in stock!!CALL FOR PRICE & on YOUR length!!

    All chains includeRIVETtype master link. NO clip type master link is made for this performance x-ring DID available from RPE CHAIN TOOL IS A $65.95OPTIONAL ACCESSORY (NOT included with chain and sprockets price)Pro Chain Tool Kit @ $65.95when purchased with a chain & sprockets kit!

  • Complete chain tool for most 520, 525 and 530 standard and o-ring chains
  • Break, press and rivet your chain with one compact tool
  • Will rivet hollow nose master links (will not rivet solid soft-nose pins)
  • Will push pin completely through link/side plate
  • Hardened body, riveting tip and breaker pin for strength and durability
  • Removable handle for compact storage
  • Perfect for trail/road tool pack if you have a chain with a rivet master link
  • JT Sprockets is the world's leading manufacturer of aftermarket sprockets, constantly raising the industry's standards for quality and service. We are committed to supplying the most durable, best qualitydrive componentsavailable in the marketplace worldwide.This is why we produce andsell more sprockets thanall the other aftermarket brands combined.

    Raw Materials

    JT sprockets are made using only the best available materials. Aviation-grade 7075-T6 aluminium alloy for lightweight competition sprockets, SCM415 chromoly steel alloy for front sprockets, and we are the only sprocket manufacturer using the ultra-durable high carbon C49 steel for rear sprockets.


    The JT Sprockets factory is the largest and most advanced in the world. It is fully equipped with high accuracy machinery, including the latest generation of CNC computer design and computer controlled metal cutting equipment.

    The essence of a high quality sprocket is in the high precision of manufacturing and the inherent quality of the material. Through accurate machining, JT ensures maximum durability and performance.

    JT Sprockets are manufactured the right way – by hobbing, machining and drilling. This is the only proven way to achieve the closest of tolerances and the most accurate teeth profiles.

    Heat treated and hand finished to perfection, all JT sprockets meet or exceed the highest possible quality standards set for the motorcycle industry.

    Quality Control

    Every sprocket goes through up to 25 production stages and 10 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory and the production facility has achieved the highest European quality standards

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