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Oil Temperature Sender Unit For JAGUAR Xj LAND ROVER LOTUS MG Mgf 89-09 GTR206 For Sale - New and Used

Oil Temperature Sender Unit For JAGUAR Xj LAND ROVER LOTUS MG Mgf 89-09 GTR206

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Oil Temperature Sender Unit For JAGUAR Xj LAND ROVER LOTUS MG Mgf 89-09 GTR206:

Fitment & Description
  • Item Name:Oil Temperature Sender Unit
  • Part Brand:AT Autoteile Germany
  • OEM Numbers:GTR206 / LHE1600AA / LHE 1600AA / MEK100060 / MEK100060L
  • for article number: MEK100060
  • Important:Aftermarket
Will this item fit your vehicle?Cross Reference OE number listBrandNumberERA330530JAGUARLHE 1600AALAND ROVERGTR206LAND ROVERLHE1600AALAND ROVERLHE 1600AALAND ROVERMEK100060LAND Brand Model Type Years CCM KW HP Engine Body JAGUARXJ Coupe4.005/1991 -
09/19943980163222CoupeJAGUARXJ Coupe4.007/1994 -
03/19963980171233CoupeJAGUARXJ Coupe6.005/1993 -
03/19965993222302CoupeJAGUARXJSC Convertible (X27)4.005/1991 -
09/19943980163222ConvertibleJAGUARXJSC Convertible (X27)4.007/1994 -
03/19963980171233ConvertibleJAGUARXJSC Convertible (X27)6.005/1993 -
03/19965993222302ConvertibleJAGUARXJ (X300, X330)6 3.211/1994 -
07/19973239155211SedanJAGUARXJ (X300, X330)6 3.211/1994 -
07/19973239155211SedanJAGUARXJ (X300, X330)6 Sovereign 4.009/1994 -
07/19973980177241SedanJAGUARXJ (X300, X330)6 Sovereign 4.009/1994 -
07/19973980177241SedanJAGUARXJ (XJ40, XJ81)6 3.2 24V09/1990 -
11/19943239146199SedanJAGUARXJ (XJ40, XJ81)6 3.2 24V09/1990 -
11/19943239146199SedanJAGUARXJ (XJ40, XJ81)6 4.009/1989 -
11/19943980163222SedanJAGUARXJ (XJ40, XJ81)6 4.009/1989 -
11/19943980163222SedanLAND ROVERFREELANDER (L314)1.8 16V 4x404/1998 -
10/2006179686117SUVLAND ROVERFREELANDER (L314)1.8 i 16V 4x402/1998 -
11/2000179688120SUVLAND ROVERFREELANDER Soft Top (L314)1.8 i 16V 4x402/1998 -
10/2006179688120Open Off-Road VehicleLOTUSELISE111 S03/1999 -
- - -
11/2000179688120ConvertibleLOTUSELISE 340 R1.803/2000 -
02/20011796132180ConvertibleLOTUSEXIGE (SCC_)1.8 16V05/2000 -
07/20081796132180CoupeMGEXPRESS Box1.403/2003 -
05/200527927610314 K4FBoxMGEXPRESS Box1.803/2003 -
05/200535928611718 K4FBoxMGMGF (RD)1.602/2000 -
03/2002158882111ConvertibleMGMGF (RD)1.8 i 16V03/1995 -
03/2002179688120ConvertibleMGMGF (RD)1
8 i VVC10/2001 -
03/20021796118160ConvertibleMGMGF (RD)1.8 i VVC03/1995 -
03/20021796107146ConvertibleMGMG TF11503/2002 -
12/2009158885116ConvertibleMGMG TF12003/2002 -
12/2009179688120ConvertibleMGMG TF13503/2002 -
12/20091796100136ConvertibleMGMG TF16003/2002 -
12/20091796118160ConvertibleMGMG ZR10506/2001 -
04/2005139676103HatchbackMGMG ZR12006/2001 -
04/2005179686117HatchbackMGMG ZR16006/2001 -
04/20051796118160HatchbackMGMG ZS12007/2001 -
04/2005179686117SedanMGMG ZS18007/2001 -
04/20052497130177SedanMGMG ZS Hatchback12007/2001 -
10/2005179686117HatchbackMGMG ZS Hatchback18007/2001 -
10/20052497130177HatchbackMGMG ZT16006/2001 -
07/20052497118160SedanMGMG ZT18002/2004 -
10/20052497130177SedanMGMG ZT1.8 16V01/2003 -
07/2005179588120SedanMGMG ZT1.8 T 16V01/2003 -
07/20051795118160SedanMGMG ZT19006/2001 -
07/20052497140190SedanMGMG ZT- T16010/2001 -
07/20052497118160WagonMGMG ZT- T18002/2004 -
10/20052497130177WagonMGMG ZT- T1.8 16V01/2003 -
07/2005179588120WagonMGMG ZT- T1.8 T 16V01/2003 -
07/20051795118160WagonMGMG ZT- T19010/2001 -
07/20052497140190WagonROVER200 Convertible (XW)214 1.4i 16V01/1993 -
11/1999139676103ConvertibleROVER200 Convertible (XW)216 1.6i 16V01/1996 -
11/1999158882111ConvertibleROVER200 Hatchback (RF)21101/1998 -
03/200011194460HatchbackROVER200 Hatchback (RF)214 i11/1995 -
03/200013965575HatchbackROVER200 Hatchback (RF)214 Si11/1995 -
03/2000139676103HatchbackROVER200 Hatchback (RF)216 Si11/1995 -
06/1999158882112HatchbackROVER200 Hatchback (RF)218 K Vi11/1995 -
03/20001796107146HatchbackROVER200 Hatchback (XW)214 GSi/Si12/1992 -
10/1995139676103HatchbackROVER200 Hatchback (XW)216 GSi01/1990 -
12/1995159082112HatchbackROVER25 Hatchback (RF)1.109/1999 -
06/20012240557511 K4FHatchbackROVER25 Hatchback (RF)1.111/1999 -
05/200522404460HatchbackROVER25 Hatchback (RF)1.1 16V01/2004 -
05/200511195575HatchbackROVER25 Hatchback (RF)1.4 16V10/1999 -
05/200513966284HatchbackROVER25 Hatchback (RF)1.4 16V10/1999 -
05/2005139676103HatchbackROVER25 Hatchback (RF)1.6 16V10/1999 -
05/2005158880109HatchbackROVER25 Hatchback (RF)1.8 16V10/1999 -
05/2005179685116HatchbackROVER25 Hatchback (RF)1.8 16V02/2000 -
05/20051796107146HatchbackROVER400 Hatchback (RT)41403/1996 -
12/199713965575HatchbackROVER400 Hatchback (RT)414 Si05/1995 -
03/2000139676103HatchbackROVER400 Hatchback (RT)416 Si05/1995 -
03/2000158882112HatchbackROVER400 (RT)414 Si05/1995 -
03/2000139676103SedanROVER400 (RT)416 Si05/1995 -
03/2000158882112SedanROVER400 Tourer (XW)1.6 i05/1994 -
11/1998159082112WagonROVER400 Tourer (XW)1.6 i05/1994 -
11/1998159090122WagonROVER400 Tourer (XW)1.8 i06/1996 -
11/19981796107146WagonROVER400 (XW)414 GSI/SI Cat10/1992 -
04/1995139676103SedanROVER45 Hatchback (RT)1.402/2000 -
05/2005139676103HatchbackROVER45 Hatchback (RT)1.602/2000 -
05/2005158880109HatchbackROVER45 Hatchback (RT)1.802/2000 -
05/2005179686117HatchbackROVER45 Saloon (RT)1.402/2000 -
05/2005139676103SedanROVER45 Saloon (RT)1.602/2000 -
05/2005158880109SedanROVER45 Saloon (RT)1.802/2000 -
05/2005179686117SedanROVER75 (RJ)1.802/1999 -
05/2005179688120SedanROVER75 (RJ)2.0 V602/1999 -
05/20051997110150SedanROVER75 (RJ)2.5 V602/1999 -
10/20012497129175SedanROVER75 (RJ)2.5 V610/2001 -
05/20052497130177SedanROVER75 Tourer (RJ)1.808/2001 -
05/2005179688120WagonROVER75 Tourer (RJ)2.0 V608/2001 -
05/20051997110150WagonROVER75 Tourer (RJ)2.5 V608/2001 -
05/20052497130177WagonROVER800 Coupe825 Si (RS)04/1996 -
02/19992497129175CoupeROVER800 Hatchback (XS)2.502/1996 -
10/19982497129175HatchbackROVER800 Hatchback (XS)2.5 Si02/1996 -
10/19982497129175HatchbackROVER800 (XS)825 Si Lux (RS)04/1996 -
02/19992497129175SedanROVERCOUPE1.6 16 V03/1996 -
11/1999158882111CoupeROVERCOUPE1.8 16 V03/1996 -
11/19991795107145CoupeROVERMINI Convertible (XN)130009/1992 -
04/199512734663ConvertibleROVERMINI Hatchback130001/1991 -
12/199112734561HatchbackROVERMINI Hatchback130001/1992 -
04/199512733953HatchbackROVERMINI Hatchback130001/1992 -
11/200012754663HatchbackROVERMINI Hatchback130010/1992 -
11/200012733750HatchbackROVERSTREETWISE Hatchback1.408/2003 -
Hatchback1.408/2003 -
05/200513966284HatchbackROVERSTREETWISE Hatchback1.601/2004 -
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