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Maserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers For Sale - New and Used

Maserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers

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Maserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers :

Brand new custom made Carbon Fibersound chambers for the Maserati Gran-Turismo (08-2018)& Quattroporte(06 -2012) -- 4.2L F136U & 4.7L F136Y V8 Engines. These units are larger than stock and fabricated in beautiful high quality carbon fiber for improved sound and cosmetics. 02 NORMA regular Hose clamps (Made in Germany) are included with every set, these replace the stock tension clamps for better seal and easy installation.

This product is unique, there is nothing remotely similar in the marketplace, Greatmodification to enhance the sound of your Maserati and complement the looks of is in the box:

  • 01set. (02 pcs) custom /Carbon Fibersound chamber set (the item pictured)
  • 02ea. NORMA hose clamps to replace old tension clamps (shown in one of the pictures)
  • 01 pc. Universal Clic & Clic-R Type Plier Hose Clamp Collar Clips CV Boot Clamp

Installation steps:

  1. Remove the OEM tension style clamps (Use included Click-R Type Plier Hose Clamp)
  2. Remove OEM sound chambers
  3. Wipe the orifice where the sound chamber goes to remove old grease sediment (Use a clean cloth, you may also want to apply a thin layer of lubricant to facilitate the insertion of the CF chambers- this is optional and up to the user)
  4. Place the provided Clamp(s) in the groove of the rubber air snorkel-sleeve (same location where the old tension clamps were)
  5. Insert the new CF chambers and line up correctly (using the incision on the rubber air snorkel, you will not miss it)
  6. Tighten the clamp(s) using a regular flat head screw driver
  7. End

Video - Review :

URUTU Sound Chambers featured in

response (carbon version):exelent seller 100% positiveBuyer: Member id instrusolutions ( response Score Of 341) During past monthMaserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers (#292721846008)US $185.00Best Offer Price was AcceptedView Item
Awesome touch to the engine bayBuyer: Member id yorgit13 ( response Score Of 34) During past monthMaserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers (#292721846008)US $185.00View Item
Super fast delivery. Product awesome and as advertised! 👍🏼Buyer: Member id josepmd ( response Score Of 53) Maserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers (#292721846008)US $185.00Best Offer Price was AcceptedView Item
Again awesome upgrade! Looks great on my Mas.GT! Fast shipping! Great price! A++Buyer: Member id masirob69 ( response Score Of 67) During past monthMaserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers (#292721846008)US $185.00Best Offer Price was AcceptedView Item
Awesome ! Looks more aggressive...Buyer: Member id hien19850514 ( response Score Of 425) During past monthMaserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers (#292721846008)Perfect for my car! Great seller, awesome communication, very helpful, thanks!Buyer: Member id kevin_galloway ( response Score Of 124) During past monthVery fast shipping, product is exactly as described, tool came w product too!!!Buyer: Member id 8717charles ( response Score Of 61) During past monthMaserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers (+ free clamp tool) (#292426762792)US $219.00View ItemMaserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers (+ free clamp tool)Thanks. !!! Fast shipping Buyer: Member id skk23shawn ( response Score Of 86) During past monthMaserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers (+ free clamp tool) (#292426762792)Great thank you!Member id towcpd ( response Score Of 146) During past monthMaserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers (+ free clamp tool) (#292426762792)Pkg recd ahead of est delivery, imm dispatch by seller, well packaged. ThanksMember id lobo9280 ( response Score Of 8 ) During past monthMaserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers (+ free clamp tool) (#292420022804)
Fast shipping would buy from again A+ SellerMember id kaosfina ( response Score Of 955) During past monthMaserati GranTurismo - QP Carbon Fiber Sound chambers (+ free clamp tool) (#292420022804)Great er, item as described, fast shipping, great packaging.Member id dgroz ( response Score Of 682) Excellent Carbon Fiber Maserati GranTurismo Sound Chambers, Fast shipping,Buyer: Member id benjamin5306 ( response Score Of 1179) During past month
response (non-carbon version, same dims -different material): Great item. Quick delivery.Buyer: Member id dthomp56 ( response Score Of 1362) During past monthMaserati GranTurismo - Quattroporte upgraded sound chambers (+ free clamp tool) (#292239381246)US $99.00Best Offer Price was Accepted

Clark Basquette is at The Golf Club Star Ranch.

· 2 hrs · Hutto, TX

I was also the winner of one of the three sets of Maserati Sound Chambers for the GranTurismo and Quattroporte Jul lan gave away on the Maserati website a couple of weeks ago. I must say I am impressed. I just put them on over the weekend and it took less than 2 minutes with the tool that he shipped with them. It definitely makes a difference at all RPM levels as to what you hear inside with the windows rolled up. It gives off the same sound as when your windows are ...down and you are next to a concrete embankment or going under a bridge Etc...
where the beautiful sound of that 4.7 L Ferrari engine is enhanced being ricocheted back to the car. Not as loud as the above example but that same deep throaty sound. Definitely worth the extremely small investment that he sells them for and I would recommend it. They also look great with the Maserati emblem as the OEM did not have that. I am a believer! Thanks again Jul Ian! Clark Basquette - 2013 Granturismo Sport-

Doug Rus

I installed mine yesterday and was very pleased. The clamp tool made the job take maybe 5 minutes. Very easy. The new sound chambers look awesome with the Trident emblems. As far as sound goes I was surprised that small change would make a difference but it does. THANK YOU for the product and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to add just a little more volume without spending thousands of dollars on new pipes.

19 September at 05:54

潘貴俊 is feeling excited in Cinncinati, Ohio.

· 14 September at 22:21

Upgraded my Maserati sound chamber/generator! Special thanks to Jul lan. Did it make a difference? Well yes and no. Too me it's now sound equally front to back some way. Meaning I normally hear the exhaust more if I roll down the window. With this modification, I can hear it as if it was ported through the cabin. If you don't know what I mean go and test drive any latest Lexus model. They all have this sound generator that create or simulated that exhaust to make driver more excited and more Sportier. Not like I needed, but it doesn't hurt to have more and plus it's only take 3 minutes to install. Honestly! It's only 3 minutes. Also the material feel so good as it's a high quality materia vs the plastic stock. So yes it make some what difference, but No! it did not improve any performance. Just the feeling that it's is in some weird way lol. I will post a video of it soon. So reach out to Jul Ian

! I can see where he's going with it and his thoughts of the easiest way to tweak your car without any risk of throwing error codes or spending $$$$$

Al Herediais feeling excited in Gilbert, Arizona. 16 September at 08:37Saw a post for this product and decided to give it a shot. Contacted Jul Ian and ordered. He shipped immediately and they arrived with everything needed. Have to admit, was a little skeptical at first, waited till the weekend thinking it was going to take a while to install.
Install was most difficult only because I had to remove tool from packaging. Looking at the tool, it has two sides. One groved end and another flat.
  • Long story short. It definitely sounds different. It's ...a more clear and defined note when revving. Took the 2013 QP down street and back, sound is amazing for such a quick upgrade.
    Definitely recommend if you are looking for some quick and easy modifications to complement you Maserati.
    Any questions, let me know
  • Aarif Mughal

    Quick Review: Sound Chamber Upgrade.

    Thanks to Jul Ian for the upgrade, I just had a chance to install the sound chambers and it was a simple and quick install with the tool provided. The plastics look and feel a lot better than the stock units.

    This sound chamber upgrade is great for a deeper growl inside the cabin at higher revvs. In normal driving conditions, it does not take away from the daily driver abilities since it's not overbearing like many other mods you can make.

    Definitely something to look into if you want to have that little extra GRRR when hitting the road

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    Maserati air filter; exhaust; sound; intake; snorkel; manifold

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