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LSX-TWIN-TURBO-KIT-LS1-LS2-LS6-4.8-5.3-5.7-6.0-6.2-FOR-CHEVY-CAMARO-1000HP For Sale - New and Used

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eworldsales1 StoreLSX Twin Turbo Kit
Brand new “street” twin turbopackage for LS engines. The most complete twin turbo packageavailable. This package has all new quality parts that is capable of producing up to 1000 horsepower with supporting modifications. This is the mostcomplete package available compared to others at an affordable price.

Includes a cooling solution fora hot turbocharged engine featuring a high flow-cooling fan and intercooler kit.Also, the included electronic turbo timer provides a hassle-free operation ofprecisely calculating the cool down period to ensure a proper cool down for yourturbocharged motor. On a stock motor the kit will add amazing horsepower on alow boost setting of 8-10 PSI.

Packing List of Included Kit Items[2x] Turbochargers[2x]Stainless Steel Turbo ManifoldsFrontMount Intercooler
  • .57 compressor wheeltrim mapped for low & high boost setups
  • Oil fitting gaskets& mounting studs included
  • Capable of producingover 450 horsepower
  • wet float bearings& properly balanced
  • 3" inlet diameterwith a 2" outlet
  • .50 A/R compressorhousing
  • .63 A/R turbinehousing
  • 1/8 NPT oil inlet
  • T3/T4 hybrid
  • High quality V-band adapters to T3 allowing for clocking turbo units
  • TIG welded 321Stainless steel material for longevity and strength
  • High quality tubularpiping with large 1 5/8" primaries
  • Extra thick flangessupport the turbos well
  • Beautifully polishedfor a show finish
  • Fully ported andpolished design
  • Stainless steel vband clamps
  • Large design coolsdown the turbocharged air efficiently
  • Strong TIG welds willsupport high PSI levels
  • Lightweight aluminumracing intercooler
ManualBoost Controller KitAluminumIntercooler Piping Kit[2x]Turbo Oiling Kits
  • Can be setup to adjustboost PSI on the fly
  • Can be adjusted forany PSI level desired
  • Control your boostwith a precise click
  • Includes completeinstall kit
  • Anodized aluminumfinish
  • CNC machined design
  • Lightweight yet strongaluminum piping
  • May necessitate lightmodification to fit
  • [16] stainless steelworm gear clamps
  • [2] 2.5” 90 degreesilicone couplers
  • [6] 2.5” straightsilicone couplers
  • [2] 90 degree 2.5”bends
  • [2] 60 degree 2.5”bends
  • [2] 45 degree 2.5”bends
  • [2] straight 2.5”pipes
  • Necessary fittings andclamps for a complete installation
  • hightemperature 550psi oil return line
  • Premium gaskets &hardware for the turbocharger
  • straight highstrength oil feed line
  • Superior quality lastsa lifetime
  • Retails for $229 inmagazines
  • High quality oil feedfittings
  • High quality turbo oildrain
  • Brand new turboinstall kit
Battery Relocation KitSlimlineCooling FanElectronicTurbo Timer
  • Fullaluminum construction
  • Relocationcables, straps, hardware
  • Freesup lots of engine bay room
  • Betterweight distribution for vehicle handling
  • Fan can be used tocool: A/C condenser, oil or transmission cooler, mounting on anintercooler to prevent heat soak, or cooling a a2w radiator
  • Slim design providesexcellent engine bay clearance
  • Includes the mountingtabs for a easy zip tie install
  • Reversible design caneither pull or push air
  • Versatility of apush/pull reversible fan
  • Superior flow of acurved-blade design
  • Creates additionalaftermarket cooling
  • 1.25" thickoutside perimeter
  • 2.50" thickinside perimeter
  • Ensures a proper cooldown for your turbocharged car every time
  • Includes pigtailwiring and extra wiring for ease of installation
  • Important topreventing premature turbo wear and failure
  • Mounted inside thevehicle for on the fly adjustments
  • Precisely calculatesthe cool down period for the motor
  • Auto mode featurecreates a hassle-free operating lifespan
  • Bright Easy to readLED Digital Display
  • Failure to reduce thetemperature of the turbo could result in "coking" of oilinside the turbo
  • Coking is the bakingof oil, turning it into a grimy substance
FuelPressure Regulator and Filter Kit[2x]Internal Wastegate KitsOilCatch Can
  • Great to setup fuelpressure for boosted engines
  • Includes completeinstall kit
  • Precision pressuregauge
  • Fully adjustable
  • -6AN billet aluminum inline filter
  • Direct bolt on toincluded turbochargers
  • No need for confusingexternal setups
  • Easy v-band flangedownpipe design
  • Pressure starts at8psi
  • Flange and clampincluded
  • Stops excess oil fromblowing to the intake manifold
  • Ensures better mileage& better performance
  • Removes oil vaporsfrom breather line
  • Show like high qualitypolish
  • Includes completeinstall kit
Blow Off Valve Kit[2x] T3-Vband Stainless Adapters
  • Protects the turbo byletting pressure surges vent when shifting and/or reducing throttle
  • Performance designproduces a powerful and aggressive sound
  • Quality design willnot leak under high boost conditions
  • Flanges can beinstalled at user discretion
  • Includes completeinstall kit

  • Stainless strong construction
  • High flow design
  • Mounts T3 flanged turbo to vband flanged turbo manifold
  • 2 pieces are included

  • 50' ft roll in length
  • 1.00" wide roll
  • Easy to use
  • Helps with underhood temps
  • Strong construction
  • Keeps the heat where it belongs

[2x] Stainless DIY Downpipe Kits

[2x] Cone Air Filters

Boost Gauge

  • 2.5" mandrel bent stainless piping
  • Beautiful TIG welds
  • o2 sensor bung pre-installed
  • High flow
  • Washable
  • Protects turbo units and engine
  • 52mm unit
  • Accurately monitor boost pressures from the turbo system
  • Back lit for use at night time

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  • Seller shall not be liable for any consequential or contingent damages, expense, or injury arising directly or indirectly from any defect in its products or from the use of any products, defective or otherwise
  • Returns are subject to a 20%restocking
  • Eworld can only ship to theverified Paypal address
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