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Fits Chevrolet Cruze Dual-Stage Seat Belt Repair Service For Sale - New and Used

Fits Chevrolet Cruze Dual-Stage Seat Belt Repair Service
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Fits Chevrolet Cruze Dual-Stage Seat Belt Repair Service:

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★Seat Belt Repair★SRS Module Reset ★Seat Belt Webbing Replacement ★

Service Description

Has your vehicle recently been involved in an accident? If so, the seat belts may have deployed and locked up, causing them to not be operable anymore. This is a normal safety feature designed to help keep you and your passengers protected in the event of a crash.

At Seat Belt Masters, we offer an in-depth and comprehensive seat belt repair service that will unlock and restore your original seat belts back to safe and operable condition. Our repair technicians will meticulously go through the entire seat belt assembly, replacingall damaged components along the way, and ensuringthat your seat belt functions properly so that it can be used again in your vehicle.

How Do I Know if My Seat BeltsDeployed?

- Seat Belt Is Locked Up

- Seat Belt Has ALot Of Slack

- Seat Belt Will Not Retract Back In

- Seat Belt Is Making ARattling Sound

- SRS Airbag Light is ON

- Seat Belt Related SRS Codes

(Resistance Too High)

(Resistance Too Low)

(Open Circuit)

(Short Circuit)

- Lap Tensioner Cable Shrunk Down (Applicable to Anchor/Buckle Pre-Tensioners)

Dual-Stage Seat Belt Repair Compatible With:


This is a dual-stage seat belt repairlisting compatible with Chevrolet models manufactured from 1996 and up.

Compatibility Questions? Contact Us

A dual-stage seat belt has twoelectrical connectors on the entire assembly. If you have a single-stage or triple-stage seat belt, you would need to purchase an alternative listing. Please view our Seat Belt Stage Differences Graphic below to help determine which seat belt you have.

Try us out today and see how easy our service is!

Add the necessary repairs to your shopping cart. We have a variety of other SRS services you can check out on our store. After selecting the repairs needed, you can now place the order. will send an Order Confirmation Receipt that you can print out to include with your parts. Use a suitable box and adequate packaging material to help keep your parts secured during shipment. Finally, mail your package over to our repair facility to the address below where we'll receive it, complete repairs within 24 hours, and ship it back to you.

★Our Shipping Address★

Seat Belt Masters

630 Silver St. Suite8A

Agawam, MA 01001

To Expedite Order Processing, Please Include the Following InfoWithYour Package:

- A Copy of Your /PayPal Order Confirmation Receipt*

- Your Contact Information (Name, Phone, Return Address, and Email)

- Year, Make, and Model of the Vehicle (VIN is Optional)

*If you cannot print the Order Confirmation Receipt, please jot down the Order Confirmation Number inside the package.

Guide on Different Seat Belt Assemblies

There are three primary stages of seat belts in today's automotive industry. We are able to repair each type, but the repair price will vary based on the complexity and use ofadditional parts/labor involved in the repair.

Please view the graphic and descriptionbelow to help determine which stage of seat belts you have.

Single-Stage: The single-stage seat beltis one of the most common types to be found in vehicles today. It consists ofone electrical connectorgoing into the mechanism. Your vehicle may come equipped witha single-stage retractor reel or a single-stage buckle pre-tensioner.

The buckle pre-tensioner, also known as a lap tensioner, is the red click-release buckling device found on the inner part of the front seats. Not all of these buckling devices are equipped with a deployable charge. You can confirm this by looking for a long cylindrical tube attached to the unit.

Tip: Single-stage seat belts can be found in vehicles from 1996 up to modern day. The dual-stage and triple-stage seat belts were not introduced into the automotive industry until around 2008. They slowly began to gain more popularity in vehicles over the subsequent years.Ifyour vehicle is older than 2008, you will have a single-stage retractor and/or single-stage buckle pre-tensioner. Newer vehicles may come equipped with rear tensioning seat belts. If this is the case for your vehicle, the rear seat belts will be single-stage units.

Dual-Stage: The dual-stage seat belt is another common assembly type that can beidentified by two electrical connectorsgoing into the unit. You may find two different variations of a dual-stage seat belt.

The first variation will haveboth electrical connectorson the retractor reel. The second variation will have one electrical connectoron the retractor reel and one electrical connector on the anchor pre-tensioner that is attached to the bottom end of the webbing material. Itwill generally be mounted on the outer seat frame or behind the B Pillar Plastic Trim Panel.

Tip: You will notfind a dual-stage assembly on a vehicle older than 2008. You may, however, find both a single-stage retractor and a single-stage buckle pre-tensioner.

Triple-Stage: The triple-stage seat belt assembly can be identified withthree electrical connectors. You will find two connectors on the retractor reel, and one connector on the anchor pre-tensioner attached at the bottom end of the webbing. It is not a very common seat belt type and willgenerally be found in higher end vehicles.

Reminder: This listing is for one dual-stage seat belt repair.

★If you have two dual-stage seat belts to send in, remember to select 2x on the quantity of the repair. If you have a single-stage or triple-stage seat belt, you will need to select the relevant service found below.★

Here Are Our Alternative Seat Belt Repair Links:

Single-Stage Seat Belt Repair

Triple-Stage Seat Belt Repair

Buckle Pretensioner Repair

Other Services We Offer:

Airbag Module Reset

Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

Common FAQ's:

Why should I get my seat belt repaired?

A new seat belt assemblycan cost you hundreds of dollars andtakeseveral weeks to come in. Unless you verify with your VIN, you may even get the wrong unit. Each vehicle, depending on the trim level, may have a slightly different color or mounting position of the seat belt. It can be difficult to get an exact match of your original seat belt. When you have your original seat belts repaired with us, you save a lot of time and money. Your seat belts will be fully operational and eliminate any SRS codes you may be getting for them.

With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Lightning Speed 24hrTurnaround, and Fast Return Shipping, we're confident you'll be happy you chose our services. Try us out today and see why everyone is using Seat Belt Masters!

How long will the entireprocess take?

The entire time frame for our service, start to finish, largely depends on the carrier speed. Most orders we receive are repaired and shipped back in 24hrs; sometimes eventhe same day. In general, you can expect your parts back3-7 days from when you ship themto us.

Outstanding balances or any other order-related issues can cause a delay. We will do our best to contact you in this case.

A tracking number is provided for all shipments.

What if I purchase the wrong seat belt repair service?

If you're not sure which stage seat belt you have and purchase the wrong service, this will not be an issue! We will message you in the event that you owe any additional upgrade costs. As soon as any upgrade payments are made, we will release your order for shipment.

I don't think my seat belt is deployed, but it retracts slowly, can you still help?

A slow retracting seat belt can be caused by deteriorated seat belt webbing and/or worn out internal components. In most cases, our services can help solve a slow retraction problem. Send it on over to our repair facility where our skilled technicians will evaluate and address the causes of a slow retracting seat belt.

Can you provide me with a receipt for salvage inspection?

Bought a salvage title vehicle from the sale? Chances are, you may have to undergo a salvage inspection with receipts proving all majorrepairs/replacements. We can provide you with a formal company repair receipt if necessary. Just let us know!

Can I send multiple parts in one box?

Yes, of course! Just make sure to package your parts securely to avoid any damages during shipping.

Have Other Questions? Please Contact Us!

Click Here:Seat Belt Masters store

    Disclaimer: Working with any SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) components is best left to a trained professional in accordance with original vehicle manufacturer specifications. SRS components are designed to work in concert with various sensors, computers, and other systems in the vehicle. Improper removal, handling, or installation of any SRS components, including airbags, SRS units, impact sensors, or seat belts, can result in property damage, personal injury, and/or even death. As a provider of this service, we assume no responsibility or liability for negligence in the handling of such SRS components. By using our service(s), you agree to not pursue any legal or personal actions demanding a sum that is greater than the monies paid to us for service. You agree to ship your part(s) to us at your own expense and risk. We are not responsible for missing, stolen, damaged, or undelivered packages. Your shipping expense is non-refundable. It is at our discretion to process any partial or full refund for services not exceeding the monies paid to us for service. We are not responsible for any missing items such as bolts, screws, nuts, etc.All orders are shipped back uninsured. It is your responsibility to request shipping insurance in which you are responsible for paying. Seat Belt Masters is not responsible for any additional costs you may incur in using our services; including diagnostic fees, auto repair shop fees, or any other expenses. The installer is accountable for ensuring that all SRS components are installed correctly and are fully operational. The purchaser of this service agrees to accept all risks associated with the use and/or handling of any SRS components, including the risk of property damage, bodily injury, or death.

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