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DTE PedalBox+ APP Control Accelerator Remap WIESMANN GT MF5 Coupe For Sale - New and Used

DTE PedalBox+ APP Control Accelerator Remap WIESMANN GT MF5 Coupe

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DTE PedalBox+ APP Control Accelerator Remap WIESMANN GT MF5 Coupe:

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DTE PedalBox+ APP Control Accelerator Remap WIESMANN GT MF5 Coupe

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SKU: DE_1933
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 12723702


To improve the responsiveness of the WIESMANN GT MF5 Coupe 5.0 DTE Systems has developed the PedalBox+ APP Control a plug & play device that is connected to the accelerator electronics. The accelerator tuning improves the response for all vehicles with an electronic accelerator pedal. With the new multi-protocol technology the PedalBox+ is also available for digital accelerator technology with modern SENT technology. For a perfect tuning result the PedalBox+ can be automatically customized to the WIESMANN GT MF5 Coupe 5.0. With PerfecTune all programs will fit ideally to your vehicle. With a more accurate and faster signal transmission the latest high-performance microprocessors ensure an optimal tuning result.All drivers face a wide range of driving conditions and situations. The PedalBox+ allows drivers to choose between four levels each with three separate modes offering improved response. The PedalBox+ includes different programs tailored to meet the most drivers range of driver's wishes. The driver can select the program most suited to the driving situation. Moments of delay are a thing of the past. The signal is immediately followed by the response however the torque remains the same. It is merely the response ratios that have improved. Quick acceleration without any delay gives drivers the feeling of being in better control of their vehicle. In addition to the keypad, the new PedalBox+ can also be controlled with the PedalBox app. The accelerator pedal tuning can be easily switched on or off with the smartphone. Furthermore, each individual program preset can be customized and saved in the PedalBox app. Thus, the PedalBox+ always starts with the selected driving program and individual custom tuning with the PedalBox+ for the WIESMANN GT MF5 Coupe 5.0
Suitable for digital and analogue safety accelerators
For all vehicles with modern accelerator technology
Compatible for SENT accelerator pedals
Latest DSP technology for more precision
More precise and faster signal transmission
Increased processing speed
Real-time high-performance microprocessors
Bluetooth and APP Control


Throttle Pedal Optimisation
More dynamic Throttle Response
Bluetooth APP Control
10% better acceleration*
PerfecTune - automatic unique tuning suited to your car's driving characteristics
Soft touch keypad with top quality look feel & design
More precision thanks to the latest DSP technology
4 programs (Sport Sport+ City Stock) with a convenient 4 colour program selection button
Up to 7 fine-tunings per program
Multi protocol technology 3-channel (analogue) / 1-channel PWM compatibility
* vehicle-specific deviations due to factory-provided tolerances and vehicle age upwards and downwards possibleFitments:
4.4 / 5.0

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