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Best Selling Classic-HHO Hydrogen Generator 2 Cell Kit & Custom Dual Hook Up For Sale - New and Used

Best Selling Classic-HHO Hydrogen Generator 2 Cell Kit & Custom Dual Hook Up

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Best Selling Classic-HHO Hydrogen Generator 2 Cell Kit & Custom Dual Hook Up:

with a
2-Cell Dual Supply HHO Kit

This Kit is designed for 4-cylinderGasoline or Dieselengines, that are about 2.0L in size. Perfect for getting started with saving money on those rising fuel costs. If you need help choosing the best HHO system for your vehicle, please check out our new Guide,here!
This Hydrogen-on-Demand Kit Includes:
  • One (1) "Primary" Generator Cell
  • One (1) "Add-On" Generator Cell
  • One (1) 2-Cell Inter-linking Parts Kit
  • One (1) Dual Supply Hook-Up Parts Kit
  • Click Here For Parts Kit Contents
  • Free Sample Packet of Premium Electrolyte
  • Detailed Installation and Reference Manual (.pdf file download)

Classic-HHO's Wet Cell HHO Systems are an excellent choice for your vehicle and comes with all the necessary hook-up parts for installation, on the designated vehicle engine size and type, to get you started with HHO. All of our Kits come with access to detailed installation and reference manuals (.pdf downloads). The free electrolyte sample packet of PotassiumCarbonate will contain enough for the initial solution, and at least one solution refresh. For more, you can purchase a larger size electrolyte packet,here.

Improve Fuel Economy and Reduce Emissions on YOUR VEHICLE Today!

Only the highest quality parts and craftsmanship for the Classic-HHO Hydrogen-on-Demand Cells, to guarantee that they will out-perform and out-last any other Wet Cell design on the market. If you want a high quality HHO System that produces high quality HHO gas, then you've come to the right place! Each one of these cells puts out at least 250mL of HHO per minute, at ideal operating temperatures and amperage levels, with the right electrolyte ratio. For an in-depth look at how much HHO you need for your vehicle, check out our How Much HHO article. Since we value your time, as well as your business, we've compiled an ever-growing Knowledge Base with many informative articles and resources on HHO technology.

Our HHO Wet Cells are constructed with .045 diameter 316L stainless steel wire, because we've tested and proven that it out-lasts and out-performs .035 and .030 wire. Even against cells using more strands of .035 (or even sub-standard .030). The number of wire strands used or minor surface area increases aren't going to give you more HHO. Chances are, all you're going to get is more heat. More heat means more steam, and the possibility of thermal runaway. For example: you won't just get 33% more HHO production from 33% more surface area, without consequence. HHO production will be based on quality and surface area of the electrodes, electrolyte type and solution ratio, and amperage draw. It is the correct combination, as aforementioned, that will give you the MPG gains your looking for, without the headaches. So, stick with a quality made cell that's going to last you. We guarantee that you won't find this kind of quality, or production, in a Wet Cell Generator System Kit anywhere else "on " for this price!

Come see why over 10,000 customers are satisfied customers, and be a part of the revolutionary HHO movement! You can even check out why we have a 100% Positive response Rating.

About HHO Production

HHO production from electrolysis (the dissociation of H20) is derived by running electricity between two electrodes (2 sets of wires in this case) in a conductive liquid solution. When the volume of this conductive solution, or electrolyte solution, is limited by the constraints of a 32oz. Ball Jar reaction vessel, the dissipation of heat is a factor. Given this, we want to match the correct amount of wire with the correct amount of solution, to provide for a sustainable amperage draw. It will be your solution ratio that governs the amperage draw and can dictate the amount of HHO produced between the two electrodes. So, you could either use alittlebit of wire and ahighlyconcentrated electrolyte solution, or alotof wire and adilutedelectrolyte solution, and still obtain the same amount of HHO. And remember, KempCo is the original company that took theWater4Gasdesign and made it better. Through testing, best HHO production was achieved with the electrode gap positioned at 3.2mm. This spacing also allows our recommended amount of electrode wraps to stay submerged further down in the the electrolyte solution, where it matters, and able to produce more HHO faster without as much build-up of heat. And that brings us to the one thing we all try to avoid: too much heat. Whether it's a Dry Cell or a Wet Cell, HHO electrolysis creates heat, and there's no way around it. So in order to tame the heat, we had to: find the perfect length and diameter of 316L Stainless Steel electrodes, the proper electrode gap, a suitable electrolyte, and the correct electrolyte solution ratio! That's exactly what we have done over the years...and the competition followed...almost. The process of electrolysis also degrades the wire (also inevitable), and when one of the wires breaks, it has the potential to short out the system by touching the other electrode and result in a direct grounding. This is the reason we go to theextra time and expenseto Custom-Twist a heavier gauge wire. So even if one of the strands did wear out, it wouldnothave the ability to short out by touching the other electrode. Thicker wire is going to last you much, much,'s a fact. So which would you prefer? Thinner, loose strands of .030 wire or precision-wound, sturdy, twisted .045?

So play it smart, and buy from a trusted leader in HHO...who knows HHO. FromWet CellstoDry CellstoHHO Electronics, and evenSpecialty Parts, for all your Hydrogen Assist needs.

-- THE KEMPCO GUARANTEE -- Quality in Craftsmanship
  • We took the original Water4Gas design, and made it better!
  • Our Custom-Twisted Wire wraps mean longer tower life and high HHO output.
  • How many Custom-Twisted Wire wraps are there on other cell towers?
  • And how low are the wires on the tower?
  • (They only produce when they are beneath the electrolyte level)
Quality of Materials & Components
  • What are the components made of?
  • Is it 316L grade Stainless Steel wire?
  • Is that jar getting an air-tight seal?
  • Are you getting what you pay for???


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Terms of Sale

Disclaimer: Mileage gains are not guaranteed.

Please remember that HHO systems, designs, and concepts are still considered experimental. We trust and believe in HHO technology, but KempCo Specialties, KempCo-HHO, and/or KempCo Industries, and all persons associated within, cannot be held liable for use or misuse of our product(s). Buyer assumes all responsibility. Manuals provided for installation are for reference only and are designed to aid in HHO adaptation. Use or install it at your own risk. If you are not fully comfortable with procedures involved, we recommend consulting a qualified mechanic.

Our HHO products come with a 30-day return policy. If our product does not arrive as described, or your are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us promptly. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance. We will be happy to exchange your purchase or refund your purchase price. We are not responsible for return or exchange shipping charges. Items do have to be in the condition they were originally purchased, in order to be eligible for return/exchange.The item(s) return must be authorized within 30 days of receipt. Any refunds will be given after receipt of return.

Please Note: There are no returns on overheated Generators.

About Us

KempCo Industries (KempCo Spec., KempCo Specialties, KempCo-HHO, Classic-HHO) is a green-conscious, family owned-and-operated, business dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Our Mission is to provide an honest product at an honest price, and deliver our 5-Star Customer Service & Support. We firmly believe in Hydrogen-On-Demand (Hydrogen Assist) Technology and associated products.

The concept of cleaner air for our future is now a mile per gallon at a time. Through adventurous minds and dedicated applications we can all make a difference. We hope to earn your recognition as a trusted supplier of HHO and related products. Find out more about HHO or KempCo Specialties onour Profile, or by visiting our website. We really appreciate what our satisfied customers have to say. Check out why we have a 100%Seller responseRating!

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