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Autel TPMS Programming Tools MaxiTPMS TS508 Kit 8PCS 315+433MHz Dual MX-Sensors For Sale - New and Used

Autel TPMS Programming Tools MaxiTPMS TS508 Kit 8PCS 315+433MHz Dual MX-Sensors

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Autel TPMS Programming Tools MaxiTPMS TS508 Kit 8PCS 315+433MHz Dual MX-Sensors:

  • 【2022 All-in-One TPMS Relearn Tool】The most cost-effective combination, Autel Maxitpms TS508K + 8PCS MX-sensors, will change the way you deal with TPMS problems. As the upgraded version of TS401/TS408/TS501/TS508, MaxitpmsTS508K offers 4 ways to program, 3 ways to relearn, and requires just 1 second to read and clear TPMS DTCs. Adding to its convenience, TS508K comes with 8 metal TPS218 Autel MX-Sensors (315MHz + 433MHz) to cover 98% of models on the market.
  • 【Relearn All-brand TPMS Sensors】Autel professional relearn tool TS508K offers Auto Relearn/Stationary Relearn/OBD2 Relearn, any of the three ways can quickly help you turn off the TPMS light and pair the sensors after replacing the sensor, tire pressure module, receiver, adjusting tires, dismounting & modifying tires, etc.. TS508K relearn scanner can also be used to activate all 315MHz and 433MHz tire pressure sensors, achieving the goal of ONE (TPMS tool) for ALL (sensors).
  • 【Make TPMS Programming Easier】Autel TS508K TPMS programming tool is designed to make programming accessible to everyone: 🚩More choices—4 ways to program (Copy by Activation/Copy by OBD/Auto Create/Manual Create); 🚩More quickly—Program 16 sensors wirelessly and simultaneously; 🚩More efficient—adopting low frequency to prevent the interference of other RF signal; 🚩More extensive application—apply to different models and still function as the OEM sensors.
  • 【TPMS Diagnostics + 8 Autel MX-Sensors】Autel tpms sensor tool TS508K is a steady presence in tire pressure monitoring system diagnosis. It reads DTCs with a blink of an eye to locate faults, turn off the malfunction indicator light, fixing the issue quickly and saving you time & bucks. Autel TS508K is packed with 8 metal TPS218 Autel MX-Sensors(including 315MHz/433MHz) into a kit. The 8 sensors are compatible with 98% of the vehicles on the market and can replace all OEM sensors.
  • 【Reliable Service + Lifetime Free Update】 This original Autel MaxiTPMS TS508K is backed up by Autel official after-sale services with 1-year warranty, available 30-days return & replacement policy, 24/7 thoughtful support and lifetime free update. We, the authorized Autel seller, provide you with 2022 newest original TS508K with reliable quality.


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Product Description2022 New Generation TPMS ToolThere is Autel TS508K, There is No TPMS Issues

The Autel Maxitpms TS508K is a tool kit that includes 1 Autel TS508K TPMS Tool and 8 Autel MX-Sensors. This perfect combination makes the Autel scanner MaxiTPMS TS508K kit an excellent replacement for any embedded TPMS with several additional features that will extend the life of your tires. Work as a professional TPMS tool, TPMS sensor tool TS508K can do all sorts of advanced TPMS functions such as trigger sensors and read related data, perform TPMS diagnostics, program Autel MX-Sensors, and provide clear relearn guidance.

Autel TS508K TPMS Tool: The Main Part of the Kit

  • Upgraded model of Autel TS401, Autel TS408, and Autel 501
  • 4 ways to program MX-sensor
  • 3 ways to complete sensor relearn
  • 2 TPMS diagnostic mode
  • 99% of vehicle coverage in the market
  • Activate all covered sensors, read TPMS sensor status & check TPMS health condition
  • Read TPMS DTCs & Turn off the malfunction light in a few seconds

8 Autel MX Sensors: The Accessories of the Kit

  • Easy to install and use & perform as OE sensor
  • Combine both 315MHz + 433MHz frequencies
  • Highest industry vehicle coverage: cover 99% of car models
  • 100% ID clone-able & programmable with no relearn require
  • Automotive-grade battery for up to 6 years battery life

2022 New Generation TPMS ToolMake TPMS Programming Easier

Autel TPMS sensor programming tool TS508K can clone the OE sensors ID to any of the Autel MX-Sensors. Universal 315MHz + 433MHz Autel MX-Sensors (Metal Stem) offer the highest model vehicle coverage, which covers 99% of all OE sensors on the market and is 100% ID clone-able with no sensor re-learn required.

No matter for DIYers who are enthusiastic about fixing sensor change issues by themselves or for local tire repair shops that want to win more business, this TPMS tool kit is a perfect choice to consider.

4 Programming Methods:

The features of OBD connection and multiple programming methods allow users to choose the most suitable and handiest way to program their MX-Sensors. Each programming method has clear and understandable onscreen guidance to help you finish the procedures.

  • Copy by OBD: This function allows users to write the saved sensor information in the ECU into MX-Sensor
  • Copy by Activation: This function allows the user to bypass OBD II and automatically write in the retrieved original sensor data to the MX-Sensor. It is used after the original sensor is triggered.
  • Copy by Manual Input: This function is used to manually input the original or random sensor ID and program it to the new MX-Sensor.
  • Auto Create 1-16 Sensors: This function is used to auto-create new unique ID(s) into 1-16 MX-Sensor(s). Since the ID created are random and differs from the OE sensor ID, the relearn process is needed after the programming.

2022 New Generation TPMS ToolRelearn All-brand TPMS Sensors

Autel tire pressure sensor tool offers guiding procedures to make the ECU relearn the replaced sensors different from the OE sensor info stored in the ECU and finish the rematch process. The relearn guidance is customized according to specific vehicle models. The relearn procedures can be roughly concluded into 3 general methods:

3 General Relearning Methods:

  • Stationary Relearn: This function requires the vehicle to be placed in the “Learn Mode”.
  • Automatic Relearn: For some vehicles, you can drive your car to finish the relearning.
  • OBD Relearn: This function allows the TS508K
  • to directly write the TPMS sensor IDs to the TPMS module.
  • (The specific relearn procedure can be checked in the user manual)

1000+ Specific Relearning Procedures:

  • Instead of display general and obscure guidance, TS508K can auto-detect the vehicle’s info and provide users with the specific and corresponding relearn guidance, which is up to 1000+ vehicles.

Extensive Compatibility:

  • TS508K can be used to relearn 99% of the replaced sensors, the update function enables users to update the software in time to match the latest vehicles, which makes it the ultimate tool for tire repair shops to process relearning.

2022 New Generation TPMS Tool2 TPMS Modes: Quick Mode & Advanced Mode

TS508k tpms tool diagnostic scanning tool has 2 TPMS modes: Quick Mode and Advanced Mode to suit users’ needs in different dimensions. You can choose the proper mode based on your diagnostic or service needs.

TS508K Quick Mode Offers Basic Functions

  • Designed for the consumer, quick mode provides the basic indicators. It lets you read, program all the sensors with clear diagnostic readouts. You can also use it to quickly scan sensor health status saving you up to 100 in service costs.

Use Advanced Mode for Professional and Complex Troubleshooting

  • The advanced mode is designed for professional mechanics or power users. It gives you complete control over the entire sensor network and provides you with all the TPMS services which include TPMS Diagnose, Program Sensor, Position Relearn, and Information (OE and MX-Sensor data and vehicle OBDII port location diagram).
  • In advanced mode, the Autel MaxiTPMS TS508K gives you a more complete diagnostic tire check than Quick mode while letting you clone sensor configuration and reprogram the sensors to test for specific thresholds.

2022 New Generation TPMS ToolProfessional TPMS Diagnostics, Turn off MLF in 1 second

Autel OBD2 diagnostic scanner TS508K allows do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts and professional mechanics to diagnose tire pressure issues and related safety issues.

TPMS Diagnoses:

  • You can trigger or activate the sensors and overview the sensor data such as position, sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, and battery level of the activated sensors to monitor and examine tire-related parameters and determine the health status. Keep the routine to check TPMS ensures safe driving.

View & Clear DTCs Easily:

  • The onscreen guidance will guide you to view TPMS related DTCs. Once you fix the issue, you can use the TS508K to directly erase the DTCs from your vehicle. TS508K will automatically re-check the ECU to ensure all DTCs have been deleted and turn off the light in just a second. This is a time-saving feature for both personal car owners and tire shop technicians.

2022 New Generation TPMS ToolTPMS Sensors Activation for 315MHZ/433 MHZ Sensors

Tire Sensors Activation:

  • Autel TPMS reset tool TS508K can activate all known sensors from all brands, no matter the frequency is 315MHz or 433MHz. Through activation, it can retrieve the tire sensors such as Tire Sensor ID / Frequency (315/433MHz), Product Serial Number (PSN), Pressure (KPa), Temperature (°C/°F), and Voltage (V), giving you a full perspective of your tire health status.

2 Frequencies of 315MHz & 433MHz in 1 Sensor (Metal Stem)

TS508K tpms service tool is packed with 8 metal stem MX-Sensors, which are easy-to-use and cost-effective necessities for the user to perform TPMS repairs. Please notice that the Autel TPMS tool can only program Autel-Sensors, it is advised to use them together to achieve the greatest efficiency.

  • Compatible with 98% vehicles: Autel MX-Sensors is 98% vehicle coverage, which eliminates the need for distributors to carry the hundreds of sensors to fulfill shop orders. MX-sensors can service nearly every TPMS equipped vehicle. It represents lower repair costs and higher install efficiency.
  • 2 in 1 TPMS sensor: Autel 1-Sensor combines both 315MHz + 433MHz frequencies into one TPMS sensor with the highest industry vehicle coverage.
  • Strong signal & Wireless programming: The Autel MX-sensor can be easily programmed wirelessly. Thanks to the strong signal, now up to 16 sensors can be programmed at the same time with the TS508K TPMS tool.
  • Long battery life (4-6 years): Autel MX-sensors provide superior life up to 4-6 years to match OE sensor battery performance.
  • Low sensor weight: The MX-Sensor body weighs only 11g, making it significantly lighter than most sensors in the market, which ensures better sensor stability and performance
  • SAE tested & certified: AUTEL high-quality MX-Sensor is tested and certified to meet SAE industry standard J1205/J1206 testing. Each Autel MX-Sensor has a series number for assuring quality control.

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