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96-00 Honda Civic Custom Sub Box Subwoofer Enclosure - Concept Enclosures For Sale - New and Used

96-00 Honda Civic Custom Sub Box Subwoofer Enclosure - Concept Enclosures

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96-00 Honda Civic Custom Sub Box Subwoofer Enclosure - Concept Enclosures:

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Concept Enclosures LLC,

We have been in the business of designing and building custom sub enclosures since 2003. We are dedicated to providing great service to each individual customer. We will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your custom sub box as well as the service that we provide. We take pride in each enclosure that we build from start to finish as if it were our own. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 859-559-1902. Thank you.

Tyler Adams

Concept Enclosures LLC

1996 - 2000 Honda Civic Sub Enclosure Click any image to see it full size Item Description

Custom Built Subwoofer Enclosure for a 1996 - 2000 Honda Civic

Pay By Phone With Your Credit Card

859-559-1902 -Call Or Text Us Any Time


- 3/4" and 1/2" MDF Construction

- Charcoal automotive carpet (black carpet is available upon request)

- Holds 2 round 12" subwoofers (10" subs may be substituted upon request)

- 1.1 cubic feet per chamber (volume can be reduced upon request)

- 9.5" mounting depth

- Round spring loaded speaker terminals

- Sealed air tight w/liquid nails caulk

- Roughly 25 lbs.

- Space is provided between the box and seats to mount your amp.

Installation: The sides of this enclosure fold up for shipping purposes. Mending brackets are included to hold the sides in place. Once the brackets are screwed into place, the box can be installed and pushed into place through the trunk opening.

Subwoofer Availability:

1, or 2 12" subs

1, or 2 10" subs

We can also cut square holes upon request.

Payment Details

We Accept The following forms of payment:


Credit Card - Please call 859-559-1902 to make a credit card payment

Pickup is Available - Please call in advance

Shipping Details

All enclosures are usually mailed out 3-7 days after the payment has been received. We will let you know when to expect tracking info after you have placed your order.

If you would like to pick the box up in Lexington Ky. I will drop the shipping cost.

Contact us for a shipping quote to Canada or an APO address.

Our shipping quotes include shipping insurance for loss or damage.

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