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2x LASFIT H11 H9 H8 LED Headlight Bulb Kit Low Beam Fog Light 60W 6000K 7600LM For Sale - New and Used

2x LASFIT H11 H9 H8 LED Headlight Bulb Kit Low Beam Fog Light 60W 6000K 7600LM

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2x LASFIT H11 H9 H8 LED Headlight Bulb Kit Low Beam Fog Light 60W 6000K 7600LM:

LASFIT Authorized Store on
LC6 Series Super Bright LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit
H11 Replace Halogen Low Beam or Fog Light
6000K White,1x Pair(2pcs)

The Lasfit LC6 Series LED headlight bulb is the perfect affordable solution to significantly improve the light beams on your vehicle.
Get rid of your dull OEM halogen bulbs for good with a great upgrade.
Dramatically improve your driving vision with the Lasfit LC6 Series LED bulb.

Light Up The Road Ahead Of You & Drive With Complete Confidence The Lasfit LC6 Series LED is 200% brighter than your OEM halogen bulb.
·Features a plug n’ play installation.
·Full road coverage with brilliant white light for safe driving.
·Rely on the LC6 Series LED to light up the road for more than 30,000 hours.
·Expect optimal performance at all times because of the smart efficient cooling system.
·Comes equipped with high quality Custom Flip COB chips.

A Reliable LED Headlight Bulb Designed For Extreme Conditions The Lasfit LC6 Series LED headlight bulb is incredibly reliable for a reason. It features a fully sealed waterproof design. That means it’s rainproof and dustproof. You won’t have to worry about any elements damaging your LED bulb.It was designed to work normal under extreme conditions, such as those inside your engine bay.
We built this LED bulb to provide over 30,000 hours of bright white light. These units are bulletproof and worthy of the Lasfit brand. An Affordable LED Bulb That Features A High-Quality Build We priced it at an affordable price, well under $100 per set. This is a great deal for the quality that’s provided. Get it in single or dual beam. We have both options available.
You might be able to find a cheaper set, but it won’t be built to Lasfit’s individual standards.
If you take the time to read our many customer reviews, you’ll see that this bulb is very popular and for a good reason.

LASFIT Warranty & Return

* 1-year hassle free warranty.
* Ship out order within 1 business day.
* 45 days free return and free return shipping label can be provided if needed (contact us).
* We provide friendly customer service and local support service at California State.
Notice:Our warranty will NOT cover installation service, labor cost, diagnostics or any other expense related to item being defective/damaged.

Application Tips:

Bulb size: H11, if the bulb size of your halogen headlight high beam(H9) or fog light(H8, H16), this H11 will fit directly, plug and play, they're the same as H11.
If the fitment chart says this item is not compatible with your vehicle, please contact us with your vehicle's Make/Model/Year/Trim which is helpful to check bulb type.


Wattage: 60W/set (30W/bulb)
Lumens: 7600LM/set(3800LM/bulb)
Color temperature: 6000K
Light source:Flip COB Chips
Voltage: DC12V
Input: 3.2A + 0.2A / 3.2A - 0.2A
Waterproof: Yes.
Certifications: CE, RoHS
30,000 hours service life.
Package include: 1x Pair led bulbs, 1x user manual.


Canbus resistor: vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, they may need this to solve the flicker/error code problem.


1.for Hyundai and Kia vehicles, if the bulb type is H11B,this item is not plug and play, you need to buy H11B extension cable, it is wiring harness,H11B and H11 are two different bulb sizes. If your factory halogen bulb size is H11B, you will need one more set extension cableto replace H11B bulbs,Buy It Here

For most vehicles, there is no need canbus resistor, but for Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler 2011-2016, after installing the aftermarket LED Headlight bulbs, if the bulb flicker or have error code, you can buy a decoder resistor to solve it, Buy It Here
Or you can choose ouranother LS series LED headlight bulbs(90W/set, 10000LM/set,2 year warranty),
after install this LED headlight bulb there is no error code or flicker problem, no need other canbus

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