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      Product Description:
    • Type-CONCEPT Series Style


    • Brand New Item From The Factory.
    • Includes: 1 x Front Bumer,1 x Rear Bumper, 1 x Pair of Side Skirts Left/Right
    • 100% HAND CRAFTED
    • Material: FRP(fiberglass reinforced plastic) Product, Gel-coated Green Color Finish UPRIMED & UNPAINTED
    • 100% Authentic Ait Racing Product.
    • Aluminium mesh grill insert included where applicable.
    • Professional Installation Recommended.
    • Fog lights NOT included
    • Requires Pre-Fitment & Hand Finishing Prep Work & Priming & Painting.

    AIT Plastic resins-AIT special plastic resin is a hybrid form of polyester resin which has been toughened with epoxy molecules within the main molecular structure. AIT resins offers better resistance to moisture absorption than regular polyester resins.

    Gelcoat-provides high impact strength, excellent gloss, it is water resistance and helps prevent blisters from forming after laying the fiberglass mat.

    Benefits of Fiberglass:

    • Does not expand or shrink with temperature change.
    • High strength to weight ratio.
    • Non-flammable.
    • Electrical insulator

    Vinyl Ester Resin- This gives superior flexibility and strength than that of polyester resin.
    Multi-Layer Fiberglass- Our pieces have 4 oz. layers of hand-laminated fiberglass with a plastic gel coat finish.
    Strong Gel Coat Finish- This results in a SMOOTH finish and adds extra strength to the part! Please be careful because other manufactured finished body kit parts will have orange peel rumples.
    Fitment- Our pieces have a much BETTER QUALITY fit when compared to



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    *images are for references only. If you are looking for a exact specific vent or grill, please contact us before making your purchase. Aerodynamics and ground effects are shipped unfinished and requires prefitment predrill own holes prep-work & priming before painting

    INSTALL & FITMENT:FRP Composite/Carbon FRP Composite Body Kits:

    Front/Rear Bumper

    Body kit installation can relatively be an easy process; anyone with a little mechanical knowledge should be able to install parts in a few hours. Tools are also very standard, and if you have taken your factory bumper before, replacing it with an aftermarket piece should be no trouble at all.

    1. Inspect bumper for all bolts, screws and clips holding the bumper to the rest of the vehicle. (Make sure to have the proper tool to for disassembly)
    2. Proceed to remove all fasteners and the actually bumper or bumper cover.
    3. As you start to test fit the new bumper, please make sure to inspect the section where the part will be place to make sure nothing interferes with the installation (i.e. hanging wires or hoses and splash shields, etc.)
    4. Carefully proceed to install the new bumper, making sure that there are no interference from other components on the vehicle.
    5. Some installation will require removal or repositioning of factory components, like impact absorbers, reinforcement bars, horns or fog lights. If any component is interfering with the installation, remove these components and proceed with test fitting the bumper (Make sure to reinstall all vital components back in its place or new location. Some products are meant for show and off-road purposes only. Removal of any factory safety components are at your own risk. )
    6. Most aftermarket bumpers are mounted the same way as the factory bumpers, so drilling the right hole in the proper location is key to having a good installation.
    7. With the bumper mocked up in place, make sure it lines up properly with rest of the panels and lights of the vehicle. (Some areas of the bumper are purposely made with extra material to lower the risk of damage during transit. Some bumpers might need to be shaved or filed down in some areas to insure a good fitment.)
    8. When you are satisfied with the fitment, mark the holes needed for the installation and cut or drill accordingly.(Be very precise in making hole, as this will determine the accuracy of the fitment to the other panels of the vehicle)
    9. After holes have been drilled, your part is now ready to be prep for paint. Because of the characteristic of FRP composites, you would need to block (sand and fill, etc.) the whole bumper to ensure smooth and even application of paint.
    10. After the paint has dried, you are ready to install the bumper on to the vehicle. After part installation onto vehicle, you may wet sand the clear coat then buff to achieve the shine.
    11. Check all other component that needs to be attached to the new bumper. If other existing factory parts are vital and will not attach to the new bumper, you will have to fabricate brackets or mounts to secure those parts.
    12. Check if everything is secure and all parts installed. And you are done!

    Note: We recommend professional installation for all parts. All parts are installed at your own risk. If you notice the part is considerably off, please do not drill or modified anyway, contact AIT immediately for assistance.


    Side Skirts

    Body kit installation can relatively be an easy process; any one with a little mechanical knowledge should be able to install parts in a few hours. Some side skirt installation might require the wheels off, so be prepared with a lift or jack stands.

    Another aspect of installation to point out is the factory rocker panel or rocker moldings. Some install will require removal or these panels and some will require the panels to be installed. This is very important since some vehicles might not come with these panels and will require it to be purchased from the dealer. So consult with your distributor for the requirements needed for installation.

    1. Mock up the side skirt to see if it’s going to install properly. If the factory rocker panel is interfering with the installation, you are going to have to remove it. If the side skirt looks like a little short at the edges (where it wraps around the wheel well), you might be able to shave a little bit off the corner of the side skirt for a proper fit.
    2. Install the side skirt using screws on each end right where it wraps around the wheel well. This is the part where you might need to lift the car and take the wheels off.
    3. There are also a few other places to secure the side skirt, and this will depend on each individual style and application. Some might require screw on the factory rocker panels, the actually door jamb or anywhere else that is not visible when you have the doors closed. Some side skirts will have concave indentations for using rivets and filled after with body filler.
    4. After completing installation check door clearances.

    Note: We recommend professional installation for all parts. All parts are installed at your own risk. If you notice the part is considerably off, please do not drill or modified anyway, contact AIT immediately for assistance.


    All products sold are aftermarket products and intended for off-road or show use only. Vendor is not liable for any damages or injury as a result of these products. Purchaser is responsible for complying with any/all local, state, and federal laws regarding the addition or modification of parts. We disclaim any liability from the removal of reinforcements, bumpers, turn signals, and other safety equipment on the vehicle. Professional installation of body kits and body related parts (i.e. bumpers, side skirts, hoods, fenders, etc.) is highly recommended. Hood pins are highly recommended for aftermarket hoods. Vendor is not responsible for any items damaged during

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