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1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge Stripes Only Kit For Sale - New and Used

1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge Stripes Only Kit

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1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge Stripes Only Kit:

1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge Stripes Only Kit


YEAR: 1969

General Motors

MAKE: Pontiac


SUB MODEL: The Judge


MANUFACTURER: Phoenix Graphix


PRICE: Only $159

Decals are the first thing noticed. Be noticed not just seen!


2 Front fender stripes
2 Door stripes
2 Rear quarter panel stripes
Squeegee & instructions


Ylw/Red/BLUE - (Yellow/Red/BLUE)
Ylw/Red/BLACK - (Yellow/Red/BLACK)
Wht/Red/BLACK - (White/Red/BLACK)
Wht/Ylw/OLIVE - (White/Yellow/OLIVE)


You are offerding on an exact reproduction, GM Restoration Parts decal kit for a 1969 GTO. This user-complete kit equips you with everything necessary to restore your vehicle to its original appearance. This kit is screen printed to match OEM colors and is the most accurate decal kit available. This is not like other kits on . It is correct, licensed and accepted as the industry standard for concourse restorations. Phoenix Graphix is proud to officially announce its presentation of the 1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge Stripes Only Kit. In 1969 \"The Judge\" was the Flagship GTO. The heyday of horsepower was \"in\" and The Judge was the ruling party. The Ram Air Hood and Graphics Kit on this car proved it was one to be reckoned with.The value of these vehicles has exceeded all expectations and owning one of these cars is \"money in the bank.\"Phoenix Graphix has correctly reproduced this kit on 3M Vinyl to exacting specifications. Because of this car\'s value, be aware that another reproduction kit exists which is NOT correct. Our product is OEM correct in the following areas: We silkscreen the Yellows to the exact color and DO NOT settle by finding a yellow-colored vinyl that is close.
We have matched the (dark) Blue to the exact shade OEM used; and DO NOT brighten and lighten it randomly.

ORDER NOW - PRE-APP® SLIDE-ON® SLIDE-OVER® - ORDER NOWWe highly recommend the use of our Decal Application/Protection products!
Phoenix Graphix offers three state-of-the-art products that provide you the insurance of a safe, easy application and a dependable long lasting graphic.
There is no wiser investment than taking advantage of the benefits offered by PRE-APP®; SLIDE-ON®; and SLIDE-OVER® Protectant.


Revolutionizing the industry since 1985!

OEM Manufacturers sold decals one piece at a time. For over 27 years Phoenix Graphix, Inc. has provided the most accurate and user complete licensed decal systems.Our low prices are guaranteed by the fact that we move very large volumes of merchandise and always pass the cost savings onto you, the customer. Even major Hollywood motion picture producers trust Phoenix Graphix for the silver screen.

Questions? Call & ask for our Department!

offer with confidence from a name you can trust.



For international orders, shipper is not responsible for duties & taxes.


…so now yourvehicle is worth more than it has ever been, your restoration is nearly complete and you are ready for the crowning touch on your “treasure”; Decals & Stripes.

Will just anyone’s stripe kit do? Sadly, anyone with a computer cutter and keyboard thinks they can provide to you the correct decal & stripes for your car. This is not so!

Before you place an order ask yourself these questions.

Does the seller know when to correctly provide you Gloss Black versus Flat Black (or vice versa) based on your vehicle’s Year, Make, Model and Option? Do other sellers know when to provide you Reflective White versus Gloss White? How about the right hues of Red? Or, when multi-colored decals are used?

What if Metallic colors are originally correct? e-Bay sellers often ignore metallic because they cannot digitally print metallic and can’t find correct vinyl! They think the customer will not know or care. Often correct colors can only be achieved by special mix screen printing ink. Also, don’t think “cutting” a decal from a computer will always provide an acceptable result. Other sellers cut colored vinyl into small pieces, which causes a bumpy, “railroad-track” appearance. Remember: clear material center does not mean void-of-material center.

Phoenix Graphix provides ONLY the correct color stripe for your vehicle! If the stripe came in Flat Black we will only provide Flat Black not Gloss Black (unless requested). No more worrying about correct colors or shades; we have it figured out for you!

Did you know there are manufacturers using the least expensive, least durable and poorest quality vinyl yet don’t disclose this? Cheaper, lesser quality material is available but is only intended for temporary application. Life expectancy of this less durable material is very short.

At Phoenix Graphix we use only Automotive Grade material; 3M & Avery High Performance, Premium Grade 2ml vinyl. Furthermore, other manufactures provide stripes with deviations that may not be immediately noticeable. When you discover inaccuracies will you feel as good about your car as if it were correct?

Be assured of the highest quality, most accurate & complete product available for yourvehicle. Phoenix Graphix provides officially licensed decals.

Why take the risk to save a couple bucks from an unknown supplier?


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